WordPress Version 2.2.3 was comprised of security and bug fixes.


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  • Ticket 3002 On Windows machines register_activation_hook() does not work if plugin is in a subfolder of the plugins dir
  • Ticket 3875 Proposal for a new plugin architecture
  • Ticket 3996 MAGPIE_USER_AGENT lack of wp version
  • Ticket 4624 Don't return GMT date/time in XML-RPC, breaks some clients.
  • Ticket 4704 Invalid RSS2 Comments Feed
  • Ticket 4720 Users without unfiltered_html capability can post arbitrary html
  • Ticket 4729 Wordpress Admin RTL files Bug Fix
  • Ticket 4770 Fix mt_allow_pings in metaWeblog.newPost (XML-RPC)
  • Ticket 4775 Corrected indentation in wp-mail.php

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