WordPress Version 2.3.2 was comprised of security and bug fixes.


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  • Trac 5325 sanitize_post and sanitize_post_field are very expensive no-ops Trac Trac
  • Trac 5373 wp_list_pages - set 'hierarchical' to 0 on 'include'
  • Trac 5473 Suppress DB errors unless WP_DEBUG is true Trac
  • Trac 5487 query.php mistakenly uses is_admin() to check for admin privileges Trac
  • Trac 5495 setup-config.php, install.php don't check for a valid MySQL connection Trac
  • Trac 5500 Custom DB Error Page Trac
  • Trac 5535 Limit post_password exposure in XML-RPC metaWeblog.getRecentPosts

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