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Function Reference/list cats

This function has been deprecated. That means it has been replaced by a new function or is no longer supported, and may be removed from future versions. All code that uses this function should be converted to use its replacement if one exists. See also wp-includes/deprecated.php. Use any of these functions instead.


Displays a list of Categories as links. When one of those links is clicked, all the posts in that Category will display in the appropriate Category Template dicatated by the Template Hierarchy rules. This tag works like the wp_list_cats tag, except that list_cats uses a long query string of arguments while wp_list_cats uses text-based query arguments. WordPress 2.1 saw the introduction of a new and more inclusive template tag wp_list_categories, intended to replace wp_list_cats and list_cats.

Replace With


 <?php list_cats$optionall$all$sort_column,
$feed$feed_img$exclude$hierarchical); ?> 


(boolean) Sets whether to display a link to all Categories. Note: This feature no longer works in WordPress 1.5.x and 2.0 but is slated to be added back at Version 2.1. Valid values:
  • TRUE (Default)
(string) If optionall is set to TRUE, this defines the text to be displayed for the link to all Categories. Note: This feature no longer works in WordPress 1.5.x and 2.0 but is slated to be added back at Version 2.1. Defaults to 'All'.
(string) Key to sort options by. Valid values:
  • 'ID' (Default)
  • 'name'
(string) Sort order for options. Valid values:
  • 'asc' (Default)
  • 'desc'
(string) The php file a Category link is to be displayed on. Defaults to 'index.php'.
(boolean) Sets whether the Categories are enclosed in an unordered list (<ul><li>). Valid values:
  • TRUE (Default)
(boolean) Sets whether to display the date of the last post in each Category. Valid values:
  • TRUE
  • FALSE (Default)
(boolean) Sets whether to display a count of posts in each Category. Valid values:
  • TRUE
  • FALSE (Default)
(boolean) Sets whether to hide (not display) Categories with no posts. Valid values:
  • TRUE (Default)
(boolean) Sets whether the Category description is displayed as link title (i.e. <a title="Category Description" href="...). Valid values:
  • TRUE (Default)
(boolean) Sets whether to show children (sub) Categories. Valid values:
  • TRUE
  • FALSE (Default)
(integer) Display only the Categories that are children of this Category (ID number). There is no default.
(integer) This parameter should be set to 0 (zero) when calling this template tag. (For the curious, other values are used only internally by the tag when generating a hierarchical list.)
(boolean) Display the list (FALSE) or return it for use in PHP (TRUE). Defaults to FALSE.
(string) Text to display for the link to each Category's RSS2 feed. Default is no text, and no feed displayed.
(string) Path/filename for a graphic to act as a link to each Category's RSS2 feed. Overrides the feed parameter.
(string) Sets the Categories to be excluded. This must be in the form of an array (ex: '1, 2, 3').
(boolean) Sets whether to display child (sub) Categories in a hierarchical (after parent) list. Valid values:
  • TRUE (Default)
Note: The hierarchical parameter is not available in versions of WordPress prior to 1.5


Default List

Displays the list of Categories using default settings:

<?php list_cats(); ?>

Sorted by Category Name

Displays the list of Categories, with not all Categories linked, and sorted by Category name:

<?php list_cats(FALSE, ' ', 'name'); ?>

Customized List with Excluded Categories

Sets the list to not list all the Categories (based upon further parameters), sorts by ID in ascending order and in an unordered list (<ul><li>) without dates or post counts, does not hide empty Categories, uses Category "description" for the title in the links, does not show the children of the parent Categories, and excludes Categories 1 and 33:

<?php list_cats(FALSE, '', 'ID',
                'asc', '', TRUE, FALSE, 
                FALSE, FALSE, TRUE, 
                FALSE, FALSE, '', FALSE, 
                '', '', '1,33', 
                TRUE); ?>

Notes on use

When the 'list' parameter is set for an unordered list, the list_cats() tag automatically begins and ends with UL and each item listed as an LI.

Change Log


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