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Plugin API/Filter Reference/plugin action links (plugin file name)


Applied to the list of links to display on the plugins page (beside the activate/deactivate links).

Basic Example

add_filter accepts two parameters, one for the name of the filter (plugin_action_links) and one for the function to callback (add_action_links).

add_filter( 'plugin_action_links_' . plugin_basename(__FILE__), 'add_action_links' );

function add_action_links ( $links ) {
 $mylinks = array(
 '<a href="' . admin_url( 'options-general.php?page=myplugin' ) . '">Settings</a>',
return array_merge( $links, $mylinks );


When the 'plugin_action_links_(plugin file name)' filter is called, it is passed one parameter: the links to show on the plugins overview page in an array.

The (plugin file name) placeholder stands for the plugin name that you can normally get from the magic constant __FILE__.

add_filter( 'plugin_action_links_' . plugin_basename(__FILE__), 'my_plugin_action_links' );

function my_plugin_action_links( $links ) {
   $links[] = '<a href="'. get_admin_url(null, 'options-general.php?page=gpaisr') .'">Settings</a>';
   $links[] = '<a href="http://wp-buddy.com" target="_blank">More plugins by WP-Buddy</a>';
   return $links;

Will result in something like this: Plugin Action Links Filter Example

Source File

Triggered in wp-admin/includes/class-wp-plugins-list-table.php



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