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Press This

The "Press This" function allows quick publishing with a special web browser bookmarklet. You can create a post by quoting some text, images, and videos on any web page.


  1. Create the Press This bookmarklet from the Tools menu in the WordPress Administration Panel.
  2. While browsing, select some text (optional) and click the bookmarklet in your browser's favorite (bookmark).
  3. Edit the content in the invoked pop-up window.
  4. Save or publish the post.

Technical Note

Using this bookmarklet to publish posts does not pass the $_POST['post_type'] variable with the value of "post".

The bookmark calls http://example.com/wp-admin/press-this.php?u=&t=&s=&i=

  • u = the url of the current page
  • t = the title of the current page
  • s = the text selection from the current page
  • i = url of an image file

Edit the bookmark within your browser to change the values passed if necessary.

Technical Note

  • When I use Press This sometimes a get a NOT FOUND page. I just change the address from u=http%3A%2F%2F to u= and it works fine. I do notice I have to copy and paste the new address in a new tab in firefox when doing this.
  • End users can edit the properties of their bookmark to alleviate the 404 Not Found problem. In your browser bookmarks folder or on the bookmark bar, right-click the Press This bookmark, select Edit or Properties, and then change this:


to this:



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