Installing Wordpress

Webuzo Wordpress (Recommended)

What is Webuzo Wordpress Stack?

Webuzo Wordpress Stack is a free-quick-install package that allows bundling of all software (dependency) necessary to run Wordpress for development or production purposes.It includes the latest updated version of Wordpress and is pre-configured and ready-to-run.

You can download the latest version of Webuzo Wordpress stack for Windows, Linux and OS X at http://webuzo.com/apps/php/blogs/WordPress

Installing Wordpress through Webuzo

Webuzo provides pre-loaded Softaculous Auto-installer which allows quick install of Wordpress within minutes.

i) Select Wordpress from the long list of categories and simply click install

ii) Click install

iii) That's it

iv) Access the admin/enduser panel

v) Wordpress is now set up and ready to be used.

Webuzo Wordpress Virtual Machine

Deploy Webuzo Wordpress Virtual Machine

Webuzo allows to deploy Worpress on its Virtual Machine within minutes.

Here is a quick guide: i) Download & extract the latest version of Webuzo Wordpress Virtual Appliance from http://webuzo.com/apps/php/blogs/WordPress

ii) Open the file with the VM player of your choice

iii) Webuzo Admin / Enduser Panel

iv) Configure Wordpress on the VM

v) Congratulations, Webuzo is up and running.

Manual Wordpress Installation

You will find the manual guide to install Wordpress here