I'm Andy Skelton, sometimes known as Skeltoac. I'm the only one if you believe Google. Having a unique, pronouncable, 8-letter handle is sure nice, let me tell you.

WordPress entered my life in March 2005. We met at a party in a swamp on a yacht... A former Blogger user, I wasn't happy about losing all my old comments in the transfer. I had never seen PHP before but that night I hacked the Blogger import script and rescued my comments. It was love at first hack.

I refined that script and submitted it for inclusion in the next minor WordPress release and I was hooked. I started studying PHP, writing plugins and forgetting to write new posts for my blog. This angered my blog! To appease it, I bought it a new virtual server and some new domains to keep it company. We kissed and made up and we're on great terms now!

More to come...