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Proper Usage/Spelling of Common Terms

Spell as one word with a lowercase "b"; not blog roll or Blogroll.

Capitalize references to WordPress Categories.

One word.

Avoid using this word where possible. Instead, make the link text the target of the link, and use action verbs such as "See" or "Visit".

Example: Visit the Support Forum to see if your question has been answered.

Of course, sometimes the use of Click cannot be avoided, as in "Click the button", but in most cases it is not necessary.

Spell with the hypen; not drop down or dropdown.

Spell with the hyphen and lowercase; not Email or email. See also "mail server".

Spell as one word with a lowercase "h"; not home page or Homepage.

Spell with a lowercase "i"; not Internet.

Link Category
Categorize both words. (Link Categories new in Version 2.5)

login / logout
One word when used as a noun or an attribute.

Examples: I'm using the same login information to access both of my blogs; Where is the logout link?

log in / log out
Two words when used as a verb.

Examples: I need to log in to view my profile; How do I log out?

mail server
Two words, lowercased. It should be one word, but the current incarnation of WordPress uses two words in the Writing Options screen, and we should stay consistent in documentation with what the user sees on their screen. "E-mail server" is also acceptable in text. For php and other development code, however, use "mailserver" wherever necessary.

Always capitalize when referring to the Meta menu built into most WordPress Themes.

One word, lowercased.

Spell with a captital "P"; use to denote pages created in WordPress, not web pages in general.

Spell as one word with a capital "P"; not plug-ins or plugins.

Always capitalize.

Capitalize when referring to the sidebar that appears in WordPress Themes.

Spell as one word with a capital "S" and "P"; not sub panel or subpanel. When referring to the "tabs" in the Administration Panel, use Panel or SubPanel.

Do not use tab when referring to the Administration Panel. Use Panel or SubPanel instead.

Spell with a capital "T".

web page
Spell as two words or use lowercase "page" when referring to web pages in non-WordPress sites.

Spell as one word; not Web site or web site.

Spell as one word with a capital "W" and "P"; not Word Press or Wordpress. WP is acceptable only in discussions with other Codex contributors. Use WordPress for public consumption. For possessive, use WordPress's (because WordPress is a singular piece of blogware.)

Appropriate Action Words

When you refer to an object in the WordPress interface (e.g., button) as part of an instruction, use the following conventions:

Object Format/Style Action Verb Example
Button Bold Click When you are finished, click the OK button.
Checkbox In set of quotes ("") Select Select the "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders" to organize uploads into folders based on the year and the month of the upload.
Key Bold and all caps Press Press the SHIFT key and the DOWN arrow on the keyboard to highlight all the files and folders in that window.
Inactive link In set of quotes ("") Click To change the skin in Codex, click the "My Preferences" link.
Menu Sentence case; menu lowercase Go to, select To print the page, go to the File menu.
Tab Sentence case; tab lowercase Choose Choose the Import tab to find Content Import scripts.