• WordPress currently supports importing data in the form of posts (articles) and most of the details or features supported by the content publishing platform.
  • WordPress目前支持导入文章形式的内容,而且内容发布平台也保留了原文章的大部分内容样式。
  • Many of the following Content Import scripts can be found under Tools → Import menu of your WordPress administration interface.
  • 现在你可以通过WordPress管理员面板的“工具--导入目录”,找到以下所列的“内容导入脚本”。
  • If you run into specific problems, a search on the WordPress Support Forum will likely lead to a solution, or try the Codex FAQ. Users of a blogging system not listed here who wish to switch to WordPress are invited to ask for help in the WordPress Support Forum as well.
  • 如果你遇到某些问题,可以尝试在WordPress论坛中寻求帮助,或者在Codex版块的“常见问题”寻找答案。那些想从其他博客系统转到WordPress平台的用户,也可以在论坛中得到帮助。