fitzbot Administration Commands

Note, you must already have permissions in order to use any of these commands.

Please administer fitzbot in #fitztrev, so as not to flood #wordpress.

  • Get a PM of all the defined words.
!learn word definition
  • Save "word" as "definition". When you add a definition, please document it at the main fitzbot page.
!forget word
  • Delete "word" completely.
!insert word definition2
  • Gives "word" a second defintion of "definition2". Returns the responses over multiple lines.
!del word n
  • Deletes the 'n'th definition of "word".
  • Returns how long fitzbot has been online.
  • Will return this documentation and more in a PM.

Abuse Protection

Is fitzbot being abused by a user? Ban him!

??ignore nickname

To undo:

??unignore nickname

Current fitzbot Administrators:

  • fitztrev
  • photomatt
  • hansengel
  • rmccue
  • charle97

Become a fitzbot Admin

Please contact fitztrev and he will happily give you the appropriate permissions to manage fitzbot's brain. :P