My name is Chris Waigl. I discovered WordPress back in June 2004 when I barely knew what a blog is (but wanted one). I have since become somewhat involved in the WordPress community. You can find me on the #wordpress IRC channel on irc.freenode.net.

I am interested in linguistics, intellectual history, photography, wikis as a tool for writing on the web, web site design, learning how to program using Python and PHP/MySQL (mainly for creating interactive, dynamic web sites) and a number of other things.

Since I started with WordPress, I set up

  • a bilingual blog (French/English): serendipity
  • a rarely updated blog for the more technical and experimental content: chrysalidesque
  • a site-under-construction that tries to bend WordPress into a rudimentary lexical database: The Eggcorn Database

My drafts for Codex