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== WordPress Documentation -- copied from current main page == <table style="border: 1px solid #c9c9c9; color: #000; background-color: #f2f2f2; padding: 0 .5em;"> <tr> <td width="50%"> <big>'''[[WordPress Basics|More WordPress Basics]]'''</big><br/> [[Introduction to Codex|What is this site?]], [[Introduction to Blogging|About Weblogs]], [[WordPress|About WordPress]], [[Meta:Task_List|Contribute to this site]] ... </td> <td> <big>'''[[Getting started|More on Getting Started]]'''</big><br/> [[Web servers and databases]], [[Hosting WordPress]], [[Uploading_WordPress_to_a_remote_host|Uploading files]], [[Backing_up_your_database|Backing up your database]] ... </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <big>'''[[WordPress versions|Index:Changelog]]'''</big><br/> [[What's new in|What's new in each version]], [[WordPress_versions#Finding_your_version|Which version do I have?]], [[The Future|Future plans]] ... </td> <td> <big>'''[[Installation and configuration]]'''</big><br/> [[How to Install WordPress|Installing WordPress]], [[Importing from other blogging software|Importing from other systems]], [[Upgrading]] ... </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <big>'''[[Blog Design and Layout|Design and formatting]]'''</big><br/> [[Creating Horizontal Menus|Horizontal menus]], [[Using_smilies|Smilies]], [[Themes]] ... </td> <td> <big>'''[[Working with WordPress|Comments and posts]]'''</big><br/> [[Comment Spam|Comment spam]], [[Discussion Options|Discussion options]], [[Enable Sending Referrers|Sending referrers]] ... </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <big>'''[[Other modifications]]'''</big><br/> [[Permalinks]], [[Index:Plugins|Plug-ins]], [[Template Tags|Template tags]] ... </td> <td> <big>'''[[Getting more help]]'''</big><br/> [[Using_the_support_forums|Support forums]], [[IRC]], [[Mailing lists]] ... </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <big>'''[[Hacking WordPress]]'''</big><br/> [[Why Contribute]], [[Coding Standards]], [[Plugin API]], [[Core Patch Submission]], [[Version Control]] ... </td> <td> </td> </tr> </table> {{Translationbar}} {{Browsebar}} == WordPress Documentation -- copied from ringmaster == This site is a "wiki" which means anyone can add, edit, or improve any page. But before you do, we strongly recommend that you read the [[Codex Guidelines | Codex Guidelines]] page. If you are interested in volunteering and bridging the gap in documentation, then you may want to head over to [[Meta:Task_List | the task list]] and use that as a starting point for adding stuff to Codex. Your help in creating and maintaining this resource will be highly appreciated. == WordPress Basics == [[Introduction to Codex|What is this site?]] — [[Introduction to Blogging|About Weblogs]] — [[The History of WordPress]] — [[WordPress|About WordPress]] — [[WordPress Features]] — [[WordPress Versions]] — [[Glossary]] — [[Meta:Task_List|Contribute to this site]] — [[WordPress Basics|More ...]] == Getting Started == [[Before You Install]] — [[Installation|Installing WordPress]] — [[Upgrading]] — [[More on Getting Started|More ...]] == Working with WordPress == [[Registered User Features|What Registered Users Can Do]] — [[Visitor Features|What Visitors Can Do]] — [[Archives]] — [[Discussion Options|Discussion options]], — [[]] — [[]] — [[Comment Spam|Dealing with Comment Spam]] == Changing The Appearance of Your Blog == [[Small Layout Changes|Making Small Layout Changes]] — [[Template Files|How WordPress Generates Your Blog]] — [[CSS|WordPress Template Structure]] — [[Themes]] — [[Blog Design and Layout|More ...]] == Advanced Topics == [[Index:Plugins|Using Plugins]] — [[Moving to a new server|Moving to A New Server]] — [[Importing from other blogging software|Importing Posts from Other Blogging Systems]] — [["Hacking" WordPress]] — [[]] — [[]] — [[]] — [[]] == Troubleshooting == [[Installation#Common_Installation_Problems|Common Installation Problems]] — [[Lost Password|I've Lost My Password]] — [[Login Impossible|I Can't Login]] — [[FAQ]] — [[Troubleshooting|More ...]] — [[Using_the_support_forums|Support forums]] — [[IRC]] — [[Mailing lists]] — [[]] — [[]] This section provides an introduction to Blogging and WordPress. * What Is a Weblog? * What Is WordPress? * Current Target [[Version 1.3]] == Installing Wordpress == This section covers the installation and upgrade process. * Before You Install ** System Requirements ** Choosing a Host ** Working with Web Sites (FTP, CHMOD, file editing) ** Official Download Site * The WordPress Five-Minute Install * Notes on Upgrading * Installation Troubleshooting == Using WordPress == This section covers the basics of using WordPress from the viewpoint of different types of users, from a visiting reader of your blog to the administrator of your site. === Registered User Features === * Writing and Editing Posts * Registered User Profiles === Visitor Features === * Sorting Posts * Post Archives by Date, Author, Category * The Comment System === Administrative Features === * Managing Users * Offering and Consuming Feeds * Blog Settings * Plugins == Pre-Support == * Miscellaneous How-Tos * Troubleshooting * Bug Reports * Support Channels == Customization == WordPress administrators can customize their blogs somewhat using the blog options, but there are many advantages to using the advanced theme and template support build into WordPress. === Themes === * How Do Themes Work? * Theme Resources Online * Installing Themes * Building a Theme ** Theme Header Format === Templates ==== * How Do Templates Work? * Templates Used by WordPress * Template Tags ** Template Tag Parameter Format == Hacking WordPress == * Why Hack WordPress? * Plugin Resources Online * WordPress Coding Guidelines * CVS Access * Core Code Patch Submission * Plugin Header Format * Plugin Hook Guide == Pages already at Codex == * [[Special:Allpages|All Pages]]