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Forum Welcome

Welcome to the WordPress Support Forum

This page is a welcome message for the Support Forums. We hope that you will find this a useful resource, as it is intended to be a "Quick-Start Manual" rather than full documentation. Please play nice. This introduction is designed to help you find your way around the forums and to hopefully get you started as quickly as possible. There is more information available at an expanded Codex article, Using the Support Forums.

Search First

Many of the questions that are posted in the forums have been posted many times before, and get the same answers each time. Before starting a new thread, please try searching the forums. Both the forums and the Codex have been indexed by Google, so if you can't find your answer with a forum search, it is worth typing it into Google too. E.G Google for SITE:wordpress.org/support widget
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Where To Post

The forum is split into sections, with each forum having its own one-line description on the front page. Please try to choose the most suitable section for your new topic, and please post your topic in only one section. Multi-posting is frowned upon.

Choose A Good Topic Title

When you start a new topic, try to use an appropriate title. "Database error creating a new post" is a good title. "URGENT HELP PLS!!!" is not a good title. A good title can be the difference between getting help and not.

Include as much information as possible

Put down all the detail you can about your hosting environment, your WordPress install (plugins, themes, etc.) and the problem you are having. If you are seeing errors, copy them word for word into your post. It's best to include the full error than to summarise - sometimes wording is important. If you did something before you came across a problem, write down exactly what you did.

Link to Your Site

If your question relates to a specific site or page, please provide a link to it. It may help others when they are trying to help you.

Remember, though, the forum is not designed to be a link portal, so excessive linkage will be moderated, as might signatures or links with no associated question.


Signatures in threads will be removed as they cause clutter and distract from the information and help provided.

Warn About Adult Content

Some sites contain content that is not suitable for a general audience or for viewing whilst at work. To avoid creating problems for anyone who is trying to help you, please add NSFW to either the topic title or the content of your post as a warning if you think your site falls into this category. (Otherwise your post / links may be removed.)

No Bumping

Do not bump posts. Bumping a post to "the top" does not help your topic get noticed. The volunteers who try to answer questions look for those without replies first. If you bump a post, then it disappears from the "No Replies" view. DO NOT BUMP.

Moderators will delete bumps they find. This is in order to help you get back into the No Replies listing, where you are more likely to get an answer.

Posting Code

If you want to add more than a few lines of code to a post, please use a pastebin such as wordpress.pastebin.ca or wordpress.pastebin.com then copy the pastebin URL into the forum topic. Otherwise, a moderator might remove your post or the code. If you are posting just a few lines, please ensure that your code is enclosed in backticks (`) to stop it being parsed by the forum's software (which may also make it unreadable).

Offering to Pay

WordPress is free software and this is a free forum, so requesting paid help is discouraged. We also do not need bidding wars in the forums. If you post asking for paid help and you have posted some contact information, your thread will not be deleted but it will be closed. If you have not posted contact information, we may ask you to add it. The thread will then be closed.

Any thread that offers any service for money can be closed at any time. We are not against paid services but these forums are not the right place for them. Please use WP Jobs instead.

Where Did My Post Go?

If you leave the forums and can't find your thread when you get back, you can see a list of all the threads you have contributed to, and started, on your profile page. To view your profile click on "View your profile" link in the upper right of the blue header at the top of every forum page.

Helping Out

If you are here to help others, you can view a quick list of unanswered topics by using the "No Replies" link at the top right of every forum page. The "No Replies" filter is often used by folk to find questions to answer next. This is also a good reason why you shouldn't bump your topics. Bumping is discouraged and bumps may be deleted by the moderators.

Note: The no replies and "View your profile" links are only available after you log in. You might want to login now, if you haven't already.

Reporting Threads

To report a bad (spam etc.) post, add a tag called 'modlook' to the thread. That feed is checked very regularly by the moderating team. The tag is only for reporting issues - abusing this tag in the hopes of attracting the attention of a moderator to your question will not be viewed kindly.

Forum Mailing List

If you would like to discuss an aspect of the forum, or report a problem with the forum itself, there is a mailing list you can join at http://lists.automattic.com/mailman/listinfo/wp-forums Note that the mailing list is for discussing issues with the support forum itself, rather than for posting your problems in.

Deleting Posts

Please remember that it is not the general policy to delete forum posts. When a post is made and people contribute answers to an issue, that then becomes part of the community resource for others to benefit from and deleting posts removes this added value. In certain circumstances, members of the moderation team might be persuaded (for example, through free beer or bribery ;) to remove sensitive information that has been included in posts accidentally - but your best course of action is not to publish anything that you wouldn't want to be public. (Remember too that other sites take archive copies of the forums, and we can do nothing to control that.)

We reserve the right to delete topics or posts that are off-topic or detrimental to the community.

The Bad Stuff

AKA what not to do...

We need to keep the forums friendly, so, occasionally, topic content will be moderated. This might mean anything from the light editing of some posts to complete removal of topics and deactivation of accounts. It should really go without saying, but the following are likely candidates for moderation - Spam links, offensive posts, posts without content, flames, and references to adult content that have not been highlighted as NSFW. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Every post is judged on its own merits.

And that's all. Enjoy your stay at the forums! Oh.. And, when you're done, please mark your topic as "Resolved". Thanks.

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