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== Parameters ==
== Parameters ==
{{Parameter|$show|string|Name of the option to retrieve. A list of valid default options can be found at the [[Option Reference]].}}
; show : (''string'') Name of the option. Underscores separate words, lowercase only - this is going to be in a database. A list of valid default options can be found at the [[Option Reference]].
== Related ==
== Related ==

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A safe way of getting values for a named option from the options database table.


For a complete list of all options available through this function, go to


Also: You can modify any/all of the options from the same page.


 <?php echo get_option('show'); ?> 


Show Blog Title

Displays your blog's title in a <h1> tag.

 <h1><?php echo get_option('blogname'); ?></h1> 

Show Character Set

Displays the character set your blog is using (ex: UTF-8)

 <p>Character set: <?php echo get_option('blog_charset'); ?> </p> 

Retrieve Administrator E-mail

Retrieve the e-mail of the blog administrator, storing it in a variable.

 <?php $admin_email get_option('admin_email'); ?> 


(string) (required) Name of the option to retrieve. A list of valid default options can be found at the Option Reference.
Default: None



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