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Function Reference/the author email


This tag displays the email address for the author of a post. The E-mail field is set in the user's profile (Administration > Profile > Your Profile). This tag must be used within The Loop.

Note that the address is not encoded or protected in any way from harvesting by spambots. For this, see the Secure From Spammers example.


 <?php the_author_email(); ?> 


Mailto Link

Displays author email address as a "mailto" link.

<a href="mailto:<?php the_author_email(); ?>">Contact the author</a>

Secure From Spammers

This example partially 'obfuscates' address by using the internal function antispambot() to encode portions in HTML character entities (these are read correctly by your browser). Note the example uses get_the_author_email() function, because the_author_email() echoes the address before antispambot() can act upon it.

<a href="mailto:<?php echo antispambot(get_the_author_email()); ?>">email 


This tag does not accept any parameters.


the_author(), get_the_author(), the_author_link(), get_the_author_link(), the_author_meta(), get_the_author_meta(), the_author_posts(), get_the_author_posts(), the_author_posts_link(), get_author_posts_url(), get_the_modified_author(), the_modified_author(), wp_dropdown_users(), wp_list_authors()

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