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Settings Miscellaneous SubPanel

Options → Miscellaneous

WordPress has so many features, that some of them defy categorization. The file upload, links update tracking, and support for custom "hacks" features can be controlled from this SubPanel.

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Store uploads in this folder 
Enter the folder (directory) to where you want to upload files with the Administration > Write > Write Post Upload function. You must enter a folder relative to your WordPress address (URI) folder. WordPress suggests an upload directory of wp-content/uploads. Use the suggestion, or modify it to a relative path of your choice. If your wp-content folder is writeable, WordPress will automatically create this folder when you do the first upload using the Administration > Write > Write Post Upload function.
Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders 
Check this box if you wish to organize your uploads into folders based on the year and the month of the upload. Assuming that you have specified wp-content/uploads as your upload storage folder, if you check this box, a file uploaded in February of 2006 would be placed into the wp-content/uploads/2006/02 folder. Note: At the time of the actual upload, WordPress will automatically create the folders, such as wp-content/uploads/2006 and wp-content/uploads/2006/02, as long as your wp-content folder is writeable.

Track Links' Update Times

Check this checkbox to activate WordPress' link tracking feature. Blogs owners can report to some central location when they have updated their site. WordPress can do this automatically for you (see Update Services). WordPress can then compare your links, (Administration > Links > Manage Links) with this central location to determine if any of your links have been recently updated. WordPress can then be configured to make a special note of links which have been recently updated (see the Administration > Links > Link Categories panel).

Use legacy my-hacks.php file support

The file, my-hacks.php, can be used to modify the content or presentation of your blog. It is designated in this SubPanel as "legacy support" because this functionality has been replaced by WordPress' support for Plugins. However, my-hacks.php is still used by many people for small Hacks. If you want to use this file, you must enable support for it here by checking the checkbox.

Update Options

Click this button to ensure that any changes you have made to your Options get written back to your database. Once you click on the button, a confirmation text box will appear at the top of the page telling you that your settings have been updated.

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