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(Changelog: 3.5: Screen deprecated, Search Engine Visibility option moved to Reading Settings)
(Prominently Indicated search engine visibility options have been moved to settings -> reading (might be redundant with the existing note in the Change Log area))
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{{zh-cn|设置 隐私页面}}
{{zh-cn|设置 隐私页面}}
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As of WordPress [[Version 3.5|Version 3.5.0]], search engine visibility options have been moved to the [[Settings_Reading_Screen|Settings &rarr; Reading Screen]].
==Settings &rarr; Privacy==
==Settings &rarr; Privacy==

Revision as of 19:10, 12 December 2012

As of WordPress Version 3.5.0, search engine visibility options have been moved to the Settings → Reading Screen.

Settings → Privacy

The Privacy Settings control your blog's visibility to search engines, such as Google and Technorati. You can decide if you would like your site (blog) to be visible to everyone, including search engines like Google, Bing, Technorati, or not. If you don't want your site available to the search engines you can block search engines, but allow normal visitors to see your site.

Settings Privacy Screen

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Privacy Settings

Site Visibility 
  • Allow search engines to index this site - Check this radio button so WordPress does not restrict search engines.
  • Ask search engines not to index this site - Check this radio button for these results:
  • Causes "<meta name='robots' content='noindex,nofollow' />" to be generated into the <head> </head> section (if wp_head is used) of your site's source, causing search engine spiders to ignore your site.
  • Causes hits to robots.txt to send back:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
Note: The above only works if WordPress is installed in the site root and no robots.txt exists.
  • Stops pings to ping-o-matic and any other RPC ping services specified in the Update Services of Administration > Settings > Writing. This works by having the function privacy_ping_filter() remove the sites to ping from the list. This filter is added by having add_filter('option_ping_sites','privacy_ping_filter'); in the default-filters. When the generic_ping function attempts to get the "ping_sites" option, this filter blocks it from returning anything.
  • Allows normal visitors.
*Note: Neither of these options blocks access to your site — it is up to search engines to honor your request.

Save Changes

Click the Save Changes button to ensure any changes you have made to your Settings are saved to your database. Once you click the button, a confirmation text box will appear at the top of the page telling you your settings have been saved.


See also Administration Screens and Network Admin.