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Function Reference/esc attrFunction Reference/esc attr 2
Function Reference/esc attr eFunction Reference/esc attr xFunction Reference/esc html
Function Reference/esc html 2Function Reference/esc html eFunction Reference/esc html x
Function Reference/esc jsFunction Reference/esc sqlFunction Reference/esc textarea
Function Reference/esc urlFunction Reference/esc url rawFunction Reference/export wp
Function Reference/fetch feedFunction Reference/fetch rssFunction Reference/file is displayable image
Function Reference/filter SSLFunction Reference/fix import form sizeFunction Reference/fix phpmailer messageid
Function Reference/flush rewrite rulesFunction Reference/force balance tagsFunction Reference/force ssl admin
Function Reference/force ssl contentFunction Reference/force ssl loginFunction Reference/form option
Function Reference/format code langFunction Reference/format to editFunction Reference/format to post
Function Reference/funky javascript fixFunction Reference/gallery shortcode
Function Reference/generic pingFunction Reference/get 404 templateFunction Reference/get active blog for user
Function Reference/get adjacent postFunction Reference/get adjacent post rel linkFunction Reference/get admin page title
Function Reference/get admin urlFunction Reference/get admin users for domainFunction Reference/get all category ids
Function Reference/get all page idsFunction Reference/get alloptionsFunction Reference/get allowed mime types
Function Reference/get allowed themesFunction Reference/get ancestorsFunction Reference/get approved comments
Function Reference/get archive templateFunction Reference/get archivesFunction Reference/get archives link
Function Reference/get attached file
Function Reference/get attached media
Function Reference/get attachment linkFunction Reference/get attachment templateFunction Reference/get author feed link
Function Reference/get author nameFunction Reference/get author posts urlFunction Reference/get author template
Function Reference/get avatarFunction Reference/get background colorFunction Reference/get background image
Function Reference/get blog countFunction Reference/get blog detailsFunction Reference/get blog id from url
Function Reference/get blog optionFunction Reference/get blog permalinkFunction Reference/get blog post
Function Reference/get blog statusFunction Reference/get blogaddress by domainFunction Reference/get blogaddress by id
Function Reference/get blogaddress by nameFunction Reference/get bloginfoFunction Reference/get bloginfo rss
Function Reference/get blogs of userFunction Reference/get body classFunction Reference/get bookmark
Function Reference/get bookmark fieldFunction Reference/get bookmarksFunction Reference/get boundary post
Function Reference/get calendarFunction Reference/get cat IDFunction Reference/get cat name
Function Reference/get categoriesFunction Reference/get categoryFunction Reference/get category by path
Function Reference/get category by slugFunction Reference/get category feed linkFunction Reference/get category link
Function Reference/get category parentsFunction Reference/get category templateFunction Reference/get children
Function Reference/get commentFunction Reference/get comment IDFunction Reference/get comment author
Function Reference/get comment author linkFunction Reference/get comment author rssFunction Reference/get comment author url
Function Reference/get comment author url linkFunction Reference/get comment dateFunction Reference/get comment excerpt
Function Reference/get comment linkFunction Reference/get comment metaFunction Reference/get comment pages count
Function Reference/get comment reply linkFunction Reference/get comment textFunction Reference/get comment time
Function Reference/get comment typeFunction Reference/get commentsFunction Reference/get comments popup template
Function Reference/get current blog idFunction Reference/get current screenFunction Reference/get current site
Function Reference/get current site nameFunction Reference/get current themeFunction Reference/get current user id
Function Reference/get currentuserinfoFunction Reference/get dashboard blogFunction Reference/get date from gmt
Function Reference/get date templateFunction Reference/get day linkFunction Reference/get default post to edit
Function Reference/get delete post linkFunction Reference/get dirsizeFunction Reference/get edit term link
Function Reference/get edit user linkFunction Reference/get editable roles
Function Reference/get enclosed
Function Reference/get extendedFunction Reference/get feed linkFunction Reference/get field name
Function Reference/get file dataFunction Reference/get file descriptionFunction Reference/get footer
Function Reference/get gmt from dateFunction Reference/get headerFunction Reference/get header image
Function Reference/get header textcolorFunction Reference/get hidden meta boxes
Function Reference/get home pathFunction Reference/get home templateFunction Reference/get home url
Function Reference/get id from blognameFunction Reference/get image tagFunction Reference/get intermediate image sizes
Function Reference/get last updatedFunction Reference/get lastcommentmodifiedFunction Reference/get lastpostdate
Function Reference/get lastpostmodifiedFunction Reference/get linksFunction Reference/get links list
Function Reference/get linksbynameFunction Reference/get localeFunction Reference/get locale stylesheet uri
Function Reference/get media itemFunction Reference/get media itemsFunction Reference/get meta sql
Function Reference/get metadataFunction Reference/get month linkFunction Reference/get most recent post of user
Function Reference/get next postFunction Reference/get next posts linkFunction Reference/get node
Function Reference/get nodesFunction Reference/get num queriesFunction Reference/get object taxonomies
Function Reference/get objects in termFunction Reference/get optionFunction Reference/get option('siteurl')
Function Reference/get pageFunction Reference/get page by pathFunction Reference/get page by title
Function Reference/get page childrenFunction Reference/get page hierarchyFunction Reference/get page link
Function Reference/get page templateFunction Reference/get page template slugFunction Reference/get page templates
Function Reference/get page uriFunction Reference/get paged contentFunction Reference/get paged template
Function Reference/get pagesFunction Reference/get permalinkFunction Reference/get permalink by slug
Function Reference/get plugin dataFunction Reference/get pluginsFunction Reference/get post
Function Reference/get post ancestorsFunction Reference/get post classFunction Reference/get post comments feed link
Function Reference/get post customFunction Reference/get post custom keysFunction Reference/get post custom values
Function Reference/get post fieldFunction Reference/get post formatFunction Reference/get post format content class
Function Reference/get post format linkFunction Reference/get post format string
Function Reference/get post galleriesFunction Reference/get post galleries imagesFunction Reference/get post gallery
Function Reference/get post gallery imagesFunction Reference/get post metaFunction Reference/get post mime type
Function Reference/get post modified timeFunction Reference/get post permalinkFunction Reference/get post stati
Function Reference/get post statusFunction Reference/get post statusesFunction Reference/get post taxonomies
Function Reference/get post thumbnail idFunction Reference/get post typeFunction Reference/get post type archive feed link
Function Reference/get post type archive linkFunction Reference/get post type capabilitiesFunction Reference/get post type labels
Function Reference/get post type objectFunction Reference/get post types
Function Reference/get posts by author sqlFunction Reference/get previous post
Function Reference/get previous posts linkFunction Reference/get profileFunction Reference/get pung
Function Reference/get queried objectFunction Reference/get query templateFunction Reference/get query var
Function Reference/get random header imageFunction Reference/get registered nav menusFunction Reference/get role
Function Reference/get rssFunction Reference/get sample permalinkFunction Reference/get screen icon
Function Reference/get search comments feed linkFunction Reference/get search feed linkFunction Reference/get search form
Function Reference/get search linkFunction Reference/get search template
Function Reference/get settingsFunction Reference/get settings errorsFunction Reference/get shortcode regex
Function Reference/get sidebarFunction Reference/get single templateFunction Reference/get site allowed themes
Function Reference/get site optionFunction Reference/get site transientFunction Reference/get site url
Function Reference/get sitestatsFunction Reference/get space allowedFunction Reference/get space used
Function Reference/get stylesheetFunction Reference/get stylesheet directoryFunction Reference/get stylesheet directory uri
Function Reference/get stylesheet uriFunction Reference/get submit buttonFunction Reference/get super admins
Function Reference/get tagFunction Reference/get tag linkFunction Reference/get tag regex
Function Reference/get tag templateFunction Reference/get tagsFunction Reference/get tax sql
Function Reference/get taxonomiesFunction Reference/get taxonomyFunction Reference/get taxonomy labels
Function Reference/get taxonomy templateFunction Reference/get temp dirFunction Reference/get template
Function Reference/get template directoryFunction Reference/get template directory uriFunction Reference/get template part
Function Reference/get termFunction Reference/get term byFunction Reference/get term children
Function Reference/get term linkFunction Reference/get termsFunction Reference/get the ID
Function Reference/get the authorFunction Reference/get the author linkFunction Reference/get the author meta
Function Reference/get the author postsFunction Reference/get the categoryFunction Reference/get the category by ID
Function Reference/get the category listFunction Reference/get the category rssFunction Reference/get the content
Function Reference/get the content feedFunction Reference/get the dateFunction Reference/get the excerpt
Function Reference/get the modified authorFunction Reference/get the modified dateFunction Reference/get the modified time
Function Reference/get the post thumbnail
Function Reference/get the tag listFunction Reference/get the tags
Function Reference/get the taxonomiesFunction Reference/get the term listFunction Reference/get the terms
Function Reference/get the timeFunction Reference/get the titleFunction Reference/get the title rss
Function Reference/get themeFunction Reference/get theme dataFunction Reference/get theme feature list
Function Reference/get theme modFunction Reference/get theme modsFunction Reference/get theme root
Function Reference/get theme root uriFunction Reference/get theme rootsFunction Reference/get theme support
Function Reference/get themesFunction Reference/get to pingFunction Reference/get transient
Function Reference/get upload space availableFunction Reference/get user byFunction Reference/get user by email
Function Reference/get user countFunction Reference/get user id from stringFunction Reference/get user meta