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Function Reference/validate current themeFunction Reference/validate fileFunction Reference/validate file to edit
Function Reference/validate pluginFunction Reference/validate usernameFunction Reference/weblog ping
Function Reference/welcome user msg filterFunction Reference/wpFunction Reference/wp add dashboard widget
Function Reference/wp add id3 tag dataFunction Reference/wp add inline styleFunction Reference/wp add object terms
Function Reference/wp admin css colorFunction Reference/wp allow commentFunction Reference/wp array slice assoc
Function Reference/wp attachment is imageFunction Reference/wp audio shortcodeFunction Reference/wp auth check
Function Reference/wp auth check loadFunction Reference/wp authenticateFunction Reference/wp basename
Function Reference/wp blacklist checkFunction Reference/wp cache getFunction Reference/wp cache reset
Function Reference/wp cache setFunction Reference/wp cache switch to blogFunction Reference/wp category checklist
Function Reference/wp check browser versionFunction Reference/wp check filetypeFunction Reference/wp check filetype and ext
Function Reference/wp check for changed slugsFunction Reference/wp check invalid utf8Function Reference/wp check password
Function Reference/wp check php mysql versionsFunction Reference/wp check post lockFunction Reference/wp checkdate
Function Reference/wp clean themes cacheFunction Reference/wp clear auth cookieFunction Reference/wp clear scheduled hook
Function Reference/wp clearcookieFunction Reference/wp cloneFunction Reference/wp constrain dimensions
Function Reference/wp convert bytes to hrFunction Reference/wp convert widget settingsFunction Reference/wp count attachments
Function Reference/wp count commentsFunction Reference/wp count postsFunction Reference/wp count terms
Function Reference/wp create categoryFunction Reference/wp create nav menuFunction Reference/wp create nonce
Function Reference/wp create thumbnailFunction Reference/wp create userFunction Reference/wp cron
Function Reference/wp dashboard quotaFunction Reference/wp debug modeFunction Reference/wp defer comment counting
Function Reference/wp defer term countingFunction Reference/wp delete attachmentFunction Reference/wp delete category
Function Reference/wp delete commentFunction Reference/wp delete object term relationshipsFunction Reference/wp delete post
Function Reference/wp delete post revisionFunction Reference/wp delete termFunction Reference/wp delete user
Function Reference/wp dequeue scriptFunction Reference/wp dequeue styleFunction Reference/wp deregister script
Function Reference/wp deregister styleFunction Reference/wp dieFunction Reference/wp dropdown categories
Function Reference/wp dropdown pagesFunction Reference/wp dropdown rolesFunction Reference/wp dropdown users
Function Reference/wp editorFunction Reference/wp embed defaultsFunction Reference/wp embed handler audio
Function Reference/wp embed handler videoFunction Reference/wp embed register handlerFunction Reference/wp embed unregister handler
Function Reference/wp enqueue mediaFunction Reference/wp enqueue scriptFunction Reference/wp enqueue style
Function Reference/wp explain nonceFunction Reference/wp extract urlsFunction Reference/wp favicon request
Function Reference/wp filter commentFunction Reference/wp filter ksesFunction Reference/wp filter nohtml kses
Function Reference/wp filter object listFunction Reference/wp filter post ksesFunction Reference/wp footer
Function Reference/wp generate attachment metadataFunction Reference/wp generate auth cookieFunction Reference/wp generate password
Function Reference/wp generate tag cloudFunction Reference/wp get archivesFunction Reference/wp get attachment image
Function Reference/wp get attachment image srcFunction Reference/wp get attachment linkFunction Reference/wp get attachment metadata
Function Reference/wp get attachment thumb fileFunction Reference/wp get attachment thumb urlFunction Reference/wp get attachment url
Function Reference/wp get audio extensionsFunction Reference/wp get comment statusFunction Reference/wp get cookie login
Function Reference/wp get current commenterFunction Reference/wp get current userFunction Reference/wp get http headers
Function Reference/wp get image editorFunction Reference/wp get installed translationsFunction Reference/wp get links
Function Reference/wp get linksbynameFunction Reference/wp get mime typesFunction Reference/wp get nav menu items
Function Reference/wp get nav menu objectFunction Reference/wp get object termsFunction Reference/wp get original referer
Function Reference/wp get post categoriesFunction Reference/wp get post parent idFunction Reference/wp get post revision
Function Reference/wp get post revisionsFunction Reference/wp get post tagsFunction Reference/wp get post terms
Function Reference/wp get recent postsFunction Reference/wp get refererFunction Reference/wp get schedule
Function Reference/wp get schedulesFunction Reference/wp get session tokenFunction Reference/wp get shortlink
Function Reference/wp get sidebars widgetsFunction Reference/wp get single postFunction Reference/wp get sites
Function Reference/wp get themeFunction Reference/wp get themesFunction Reference/wp get video extensions
Function Reference/wp get widget defaultsFunction Reference/wp handle sideloadFunction Reference/wp handle upload
Function Reference/wp hashFunction Reference/wp hash passwordFunction Reference/wp head
Function Reference/wp heartbeat settingsFunction Reference/wp html excerptFunction Reference/wp http supports
Function Reference/wp iframeFunction Reference/wp image editorFunction Reference/wp image editor supports
Function Reference/wp initial constantsFunction Reference/wp insert attachmentFunction Reference/wp insert category
Function Reference/wp insert commentFunction Reference/wp insert linkFunction Reference/wp insert post
Function Reference/wp insert termFunction Reference/wp insert userFunction Reference/wp install defaults
Function Reference/wp is large networkFunction Reference/wp is mobileFunction Reference/wp is post autosave
Function Reference/wp is post revisionFunction Reference/wp is writableFunction Reference/wp iso descrambler
Function Reference/wp ksesFunction Reference/wp kses allowed htmlFunction Reference/wp kses array lc
Function Reference/wp kses attrFunction Reference/wp kses bad protocolFunction Reference/wp kses bad protocol once
Function Reference/wp kses bad protocol once2Function Reference/wp kses check attr valFunction Reference/wp kses data
Function Reference/wp kses decode entitiesFunction Reference/wp kses hairFunction Reference/wp kses hook
Function Reference/wp kses html errorFunction Reference/wp kses js entitiesFunction Reference/wp kses no null
Function Reference/wp kses normalize entitiesFunction Reference/wp kses normalize entities2Function Reference/wp kses post
Function Reference/wp kses splitFunction Reference/wp kses split2
Function Reference/wp kses stripslashesFunction Reference/wp kses versionFunction Reference/wp link pages
Function Reference/wp list authorsFunction Reference/wp list bookmarks
Function Reference/wp list catsFunction Reference/wp list commentsFunction Reference/wp list filter
Function Reference/wp list pagesFunction Reference/wp list pluckFunction Reference/wp load alloptions
Function Reference/wp load imageFunction Reference/wp localize scriptFunction Reference/wp login
Function Reference/wp login formFunction Reference/wp login urlFunction Reference/wp loginout
Function Reference/wp logoutFunction Reference/wp logout urlFunction Reference/wp lostpassword url
Function Reference/wp magic quotesFunction Reference/wp mailFunction Reference/wp maintenance
Function Reference/wp make link relativeFunction Reference/wp match mime typesFunction Reference/wp max upload size
Function Reference/wp mediaelement fallbackFunction Reference/wp metaFunction Reference/wp mime type icon
Function Reference/wp mkdir pFunction Reference/wp nav menuFunction Reference/wp nav menu disabled check
Function Reference/wp nav menu update menu itemsFunction Reference/wp new commentFunction Reference/wp new user notification
Function Reference/wp next scheduledFunction Reference/wp nonce aysFunction Reference/wp nonce field
Function Reference/wp nonce tickFunction Reference/wp nonce urlFunction Reference/wp normalize path
Function Reference/wp notify moderatorFunction Reference/wp notify postauthorFunction Reference/wp oembed add provider
Function Reference/wp oembed getFunction Reference/wp oembed remove providerFunction Reference/wp old slug redirect
Function Reference/wp original referer fieldFunction Reference/wp page menuFunction Reference/wp parse args
Function Reference/wp parse auth cookieFunction Reference/wp parse str
Function Reference/wp password change notificationFunction Reference/wp post mime type whereFunction Reference/wp post revision title expanded
Function Reference/wp prepare attachment for jsFunction Reference/wp publish postFunction Reference/wp query
Function Reference/wp randFunction Reference/wp read audio metadataFunction Reference/wp read image metadata
Function Reference/wp read video metadataFunction Reference/wp redirectFunction Reference/wp referer field
Function Reference/wp registerFunction Reference/wp register scriptFunction Reference/wp register sidebar widget
Function Reference/wp register styleFunction Reference/wp register widget controlFunction Reference/wp registration url
Function Reference/wp rel nofollowFunction Reference/wp remote fopenFunction Reference/wp remote get
Function Reference/wp remote headFunction Reference/wp remote postFunction Reference/wp remote request
Function Reference/wp remote retrieve bodyFunction Reference/wp remote retrieve headerFunction Reference/wp remote retrieve headers
Function Reference/wp remote retrieve response codeFunction Reference/wp remote retrieve response messageFunction Reference/wp remove object terms
Function Reference/wp reschedule eventFunction Reference/wp reset postdataFunction Reference/wp reset query
Function Reference/wp reset varsFunction Reference/wp revisions enabledFunction Reference/wp revisions to keep
Function Reference/wp richedit preFunction Reference/wp rssFunction Reference/wp safe redirect
Function Reference/wp saltFunction Reference/wp sanitize redirectFunction Reference/wp schedule event
Function Reference/wp schedule single eventFunction Reference/wp scheduled deleteFunction Reference/wp script is
Function Reference/wp send jsonFunction Reference/wp send json errorFunction Reference/wp send json success
Function Reference/wp set auth cookieFunction Reference/wp set comment statusFunction Reference/wp set current user
Function Reference/wp set object termsFunction Reference/wp set passwordFunction Reference/wp set post categories
Function Reference/wp set post lockFunction Reference/wp set post tagsFunction Reference/wp set post terms
Function Reference/wp set sidebars widgetsFunction Reference/wp setcookieFunction Reference/wp signon
Function Reference/wp slashFunction Reference/wp specialcharsFunction Reference/wp star rating
Function Reference/wp strip all tagsFunction Reference/wp style isFunction Reference/wp suspend cache invalidation
Function Reference/wp tag cloudFunction Reference/wp templating constantsFunction Reference/wp terms checklist
Function Reference/wp text diffFunction Reference/wp text diff with countFunction Reference/wp throttle comment flood
Function Reference/wp titleFunction Reference/wp transition comment statusFunction Reference/wp transition post status
Function Reference/wp trash postFunction Reference/wp trash post commentsFunction Reference/wp trim excerpt
Function Reference/wp trim wordsFunction Reference/wp unique filenameFunction Reference/wp unique post slug
Function Reference/wp unique term slugFunction Reference/wp unregister GLOBALSFunction Reference/wp unregister sidebar widget
Function Reference/wp unregister widget controlFunction Reference/wp unschedule eventFunction Reference/wp unslash
Function Reference/wp update attachment metadataFunction Reference/wp update commentFunction Reference/wp update comment count
Function Reference/wp update comment count nowFunction Reference/wp update postFunction Reference/wp update term
Function Reference/wp update userFunction Reference/wp upload bitsFunction Reference/wp upload dir
Function Reference/wp validate auth cookieFunction Reference/wp validate redirectFunction Reference/wp verify nonce
Function Reference/wp video shortcodeFunction Reference/wp widget descriptionFunction Reference/wpautop
Function Reference/wpmu activate signupFunction Reference/wpmu create blog