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==== Function Changes ====
==== Function Changes ====
* meta_box_cb callback for register_taxonomy() [25572]
* meta_box_cb callback for [[Function_Reference/register_taxonomy|register_taxonomy()]] [25572]
* description__like for get_terms() [25241]
* description__like for [[Function_Reference/get_terms|get_terms()]] [25241]
* show_in_menu for register_taxonomy [25133]
* show_in_menu for [[Function_Reference/register_taxonomy|register_taxonomy()]] [25133]
* Convert all get_category() calls to use get_terms()
* Convert all [[Function_Reference/get_category|get_category()]] calls to use [[Function_Reference/get_terms|get_terms()]]
=== Actions & Filters ===
=== Actions & Filters ===

Revision as of 06:08, 20 October 2013

On xxxxx, WordPress Version 3.7, named for xxxxx, will be released to the public. For more information on this enhancement and bug-fix release, read the WordPress Blog, and see the Changelog for 3.7.

For Version 3.7, the database version (db_version in wp_options) changed to xxxxx, and the Trac revision was xxxxx.


  • Automatic Updates - backgroung update for security releases and daily updates for developers nightly builds.
  • Advanced Date Queries - allows developers to query posts by date in WP_Query.
  • Improved Search - more relevant search results.
  • Stronger Password Meter - new password meter that will encourage users to choose stronger passwords.

What's New



  • Make shift + click selection of checkboxes work in both directions
  • Add RTL body classes to iFrames in the back-end
  • Actually limit password-protected post passwords to the 20-character limit
  • Display an error message when logging in with cookies disabled
  • Fix issue with failed searches reverting to previous search criteria
  • Fix bad styling when bulk actions are disabled for custom post types



  • Add the image file size information in the attachment editing screen
  • Fix issue with orderby attribute getting removed from updated [gallery] shortcodes
  • Stop linking to non-public post types from media screens


  • Add commenter IP address on the Edit Comment screen
  • Remove generated avatars from comment moderation screens
  • Make email recipients filterable in wp_notify_moderator()
  • Add ability to filter comment screen by post type


  • Only show a custom header image preview when an image is actually set
  • Display Customizer control descriptions
  • Enable the Customizer to load the home URL


  • Fix plugin search errors related to PHP 5.4



  • Ensure that the user_activation_key is hashed in the database
  • Trim leading and trailing spaces from passwords when saving
  • Streamline the behavior of the default password nag after login



  • Make list table row actions keyboard accessible
  • Fix issue with a broken "Close" button on refresh in the Customizer
  • Improve default color contrast ratios in the default themes
  • After a post is updated, only focus the "Title" field if it's empty

Install Process


Under The Hood


  • EP_ALL_ARCHIVES [24812]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix terms with a post count of 0 returning if 'hide_empty' is true.
  • Fix allowing https URL enclosures
  • Fixed bug with is_day by checking bad dates and redirect, instead of 404ing.
  • Avoid using the *_exists() functionality on ncFTPd servers
  • Allow a WP_Error return from register_new_user()
  • Hide the custom header image preview unless an image is set
  • Add signup_id primary key to $wpdb->signups
  • Fix issue with deleting terms shared across taxonomies from deleting associated nav menus
  • Cast $labels to array in get_taxonomy_labels() and _get_custom_object_labels() to avoid failure
  • Correct rewrite tag for hierarchical post types without a query_var.




New Functions

Function Changes

Actions & Filters


  • save_post_{$post_type} [25050]
  • user_new_form [25629]


  • wp_count_attachments [25579]
  • bulk_post_updated_messages [25577]
  • got_url_rewrite [25456]
  • post_password_expires [25450]
  • img_caption_shortcode_width [25444]
  • ajax_query_attachments_args [25279]
  • months_dropdown_results [25556]
  • install_plugins_table_api_args_{$tab} [25070]
  • upgrader_pre_download [25427]
  • enable_auto_upgrade_email [25542]
  • populate_network_meta [25414]
  • wp_link_query_args [25393]
  • wp_link_query [25393]
  • wp_audio_shortcode_override [25484]
  • wp_video_shortcode_override [25484]
  • enable_live_network_counts [25621]
  • enable_live_network_counts [25621]
  • wp_count_posts [25578]
  • wp_search_stopwords [25632]
  • posts_search_orderby [25632]
  • flush_rewrite_rules_hard [25328]
  • plugins_update_check_locales [25634]
  • themes_update_check_locales [25634]

External Libraries

  • zxcvbn (password strength meter)


And see others WordPress Versions.