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Awaiting Moderation SubPanel

This article may be outdated and contain information pertaining to an older version of WordPress. Please take caution when following the procedure, as many things may have changed.

Comments → Awaiting Moderation

This Awaiting Moderation SubPanel handles comments which have been marked for Comment Moderation. These are those which WordPress has decided might be spam (to define how WordPress decides this, see the Discussion SubPanel). Such comments are not displayed on your site until you approve them (or until another user with the authority does so).

The menu tab for this SubPanel tells you how many comment WordPress has marked for moderation. So if the menu tab reads "Awaiting Moderation (0)", you don't even have to visit this SubPanel.

When the "0" changes to some other number, you'll need to go to this SubPanel and moderate the comments you find here. Each comment in this Awaiting Moderation SubPanel can be approved, or deleted.

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Moderation Queue Table

This table looks very similar to the Table of Comments in the View Mode of the Manage Comments SubPanel. Each comment in the moderation queue is displayed along with links to Edit the comment, View the post to which the comment refers, and Delete that individual comment.

Additionally, comments can be moderated in bulk by using the Moderating Bulk Actions. Each comment has a set of radio buttons. Changing the status of these radio buttons for one or more comments and then clicking the "Moderate Comments" button at the bottom of the table will apply those actions to those comments. There are four actions:

  • Approve - Selecting this will remove the comment from the moderation queue and display it on your blog after the "Moderate Comments" button has been clicked.
  • Spam - Selecting this will identify the comment as spam and delete the comment after the "Moderate Comments" button has been clicked.
  • Delete - Selecting this will delete the comment after the "Moderate Comments" button has been clicked. This cannot be undone.
  • Defer until later - This is the default selection. If this is selected when the "Moderate Comments" button is clicked, nothing will be done with the comment. It will remain in the queue and not be displayed on your site. Selecting this option lets you procrastinate with this particular comment and think about it later (perhaps in a few seconds, perhaps in a few days or years).

At the bottom of the table, in addition to the "Moderate Comments" button, are four links that change all of the radio buttons in the Moderation Queue Table to Approve, Spam, Delete, and Defer until later, respectively.

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