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Codex është një wiki, që do të thotë se, të gjithë mund ta korrigjojnë atë. Ajo rritet sipas kontributit individual nga njerëz si ju. Faleminderit që keni zgjedhur të jepni kontributin tuaj pozitiv në Codex. Kjo faqe ju tregon disa mënyra, në të cilat ju mund të kontribuoni për dokumentacionin e projektit WordPress në Codex.

Gjërat që mund të bëni

  1. Administration and Maintenance
  2. Content Management
  3. Discussions and Decisions

Administrimi dhe Mirëmbajtja

A comprehensive guide to helping in Codex maintenance and administration is available at Codex:Maintenance. Please read the guide and starting helping, now!

Krijimi dhe Menaxhimi i përmbajtjes

You can help the Codex grow by creating and managing content on the Codex, in the following ways:

  1. Edit existing pages to improve the content, the grammar, spelling, and presentation. Don't know where to start? Visit a Random page (there is a Random page in the left menu, on all pages), or head over to the maintenance page and work on the Stub Pages, or pages requiring Copy Editing. Help for Editors is available, should you need it.
  2. Pick a task from the Task list and start working on it.
  3. Create new content: So you have a brand new tutorial, or guide that you want to share with everyone? Read the guidelines for creating a new page, as also the Guide for creating new pages. Once you are familiar with the two, you can start creating your new articles.

Diskutimet dhe Vendimet

  1. Join the wp-docs mailing list and start sharing your opinions and perspective. Often, there will be discussions about the direction Codex has to take, and decisions will be made as to the functioning, structure of the Codex. Share your knowledge, and contribute to the community by taking active part in discussions, and providing feedback when requested.


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