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WordPress Version 2.0.7 consists mainly of minor bugfixes, minor feature enhancement, and security fixes.


See the list of tickets closed for 2.0.7.

  • Ticket 2597 304 Not Modified Headers not returned in RSS2 feed
  • Ticket 2990 Inline Upload Image Size Attribute Problem For "Using Original"
  • Ticket 3528 HTTP 304 status not sent correctly on PHP 5.2, breaking conditional GET on feeds
  • Ticket 3533 Admin pages created by Plugins get permissions errors
  • Ticket 3536 Page deletion from page-edit-form.php results in AYS prompt
  • Ticket 3537 Validate $wpdb->prefix complies with [a-zA-Z0-9_] restriction
  • Ticket 3538 typo in fix 4692

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