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WordPress Version 2.0.8 consists mainly of minor bugfixes, minor feature enhancement, and security fixes.


See the list of tickets closed for 2.0.8.

  • Ticket 3214 Permalink which starts with %category% breaks access to feeds via wp-{feedname}.php files
  • Ticket 3350 TinyMCE has 0-byte file(s)
  • Ticket 3354 PHP 5.2 & Fatal error in cache.php
  • Ticket 3523 Permalink Options page needs to 'HTML entitise' the displayed htaccess rules in the textarea element
  • Ticket 3527 wp-includes/rss-functions.php function get_rss has a bug
  • Ticket 3547 Misspelling in readme.html in branches/2.0 as well
  • Ticket 3573 2.0.x <td> Default </tr> in link-categories.php
  • Ticket 3582 Well-formedness: </p> missing from link-import.php
  • Ticket 3585 Well-formedness: Spurious </fieldset> in edit-form-advanced
  • Ticket 3602 </p> should be <p> in wp-admin/user-edit.php line 115
  • Ticket 3626 load_template() notice

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