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WordPress Version 2.2.1 was comprised of security and bug fixes.


See the list of tickets closed for 2.2.1 See the list of code changes for 2.2.1

  • Ticket 3755 wp_title function: filter post title before stripping tags
  • Ticket 4116 wp_texturize to defect certain links in comments and on page
  • Ticket 4257 Javascript problem in "edit comment"
  • Ticket 4264 IE7, available widget drop zone won't expand past 2 rows of available widgets
  • Ticket 4268 Widgets error
  • Ticket 4274 Atom-Comments-Feed invalid
  • Ticket 4275 PHP Exec Widgets repeat in WP 2.2 widget implementation
  • Ticket 4277 bug in addArg() in wp-ajax.js causes nothing to happen
  • Ticket 4288 The color picker in TinyMCE doesn't work
  • Ticket 4291 Sort by option in pages widget loses default value
  • Ticket 4292 wp_widgets_add_menu() checks for edit_themes instead of switch_themes
  • Ticket 4293 site shouldn't break when wp-cache is misconfigured
  • Ticket 4300 Mass Edit Mode var not passed in pagination links
  • Ticket 4302 HTML in text widgets reloaded incorectly in sidebar admin
  • Ticket 4306 function add_option from Alex Stapleton is buggy on 5.0.4
  • Ticket 4307 Single quotes in category name breaks Atom feeds
  • Ticket 4308 Call to undefined function is_wp_error() when there's no wp-config.php at install
  • Ticket 4310 get_theme_data() does not populate Template field
  • Ticket 4314 2.2 XML-RPC Post Reports Incorrect/Malformed Time
  • Ticket 4315 Author Changed when Posting From Desktop App
  • Ticket 4329 RSD-Generated API Links broken when site != url
  • Ticket 4333 Some attribute_escape()s and relatives for edit forms
  • Ticket 4335 Intrinsic Category Sorting (by ID) Changed in 2.2
  • Ticket 4348 Make sure max_results in wp_suggestCategories is an integer (XML-RPC)
  • Ticket 4357 2.2 remote SQL injection exploit, user registration, xmlrpc.php.
  • Ticket 4381 type in Atom Comments feed comment links use blog name intead of content type
  • Ticket 4382 Atom Comments feed links to RSS2 Comments feed as "self"
  • Ticket 4390 trackback_rdf() bug
  • Ticket 4403 Tags duplicated when editing comments
  • Ticket 4404 Add 'edit_posts' capability check to metaWeblog.newPost in XML-RPC
  • Ticket 4422 Anyone can delete attachments
  • Ticket 4424 WXR date function passed incorrect format
  • Ticket 4431 Change Page widget sort by option from Menu Order to Page Order
  • Ticket 4437 tiny i18n improvement in widgets.php
  • Ticket 4462 previous_posts_link() mangles query string
  • Ticket 4464 leading "?" removed from query strings passed through add_query_arg()
  • Ticket 4465 add_query_arg() uses REQUEST_URI when it is undesirable to do so
  • Ticket 4467 parse_str buggy in some versions of PHP
  • Ticket 4468 Use EXTR_SKIP when extracting
  • Ticket 4469 Accept 'open' and 'closed' as valid values for mt_allow_comments and mt_allow_pings in XML-RPC
  • Ticket 4471 wp-admin/includes/template.php references ocomment.php
  • Ticket 4479 `<em>` without a closing tag in `wp-admin/users.php`
  • Ticket 4489 WordPress 2.2 broke default comment and ping status for XML-RPC

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