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Class Reference/WP Customize Control

This class is used with the Theme Customization API to render an input control on the Theme Customizer in WordPress 3.4 or newer.

    new WP_Customize_Control(
            'label'          => __( 'Dark or light theme version?', 'theme_name' ),
            'section'        => 'your_section_id',
            'settings'       => 'your_setting_id',
            'type'           => 'radio',
            'choices'        => array(
                'dark'   => __( 'Dark' ),
                'light'  => __( 'Light' )

Input Types

With this class you can create the following input types:

  • text (default)
  • checkbox
  • radio (requires choices array in $args)
  • select (requires choices array in $args)
  • dropdown-pages
  • textarea (since WordPress 4.0)

Note: Since WordPress 4.0, input types such as 'email', 'url', 'number', 'hidden' and 'date' are supported implicitly as variations of the 'text' input type.

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