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Codex talk:Multilingual

Suggestion - internal & external links

I propose to make a distinction between internal links (http://codex.wordpress.org/lang:$1) to external links (http://www.site.com/...) by using "x" prefix on language tags. For example: Cross reference to (http://codex.wordpress.org/he:article) we use {{he|article}} while cross reference to (http://docs.wph.co.il/wiki/article) we use {{xhe|article}}.

Slovenian {{sl| $1 }} http://codex.wordpress.org/sl:$1
Internal Hebrew {{he| $1 }} http://codex.wordpress.org/he:$1
Internal Indonesian {{id| $1 }} http://codex.wordpress.org/id:$1
Internal Chinese {{zh-cn| $1 }} http://codex.wordpress.org/zh-cn:$1
Internal Uyghurche {{ug| $1 }} http://codex.wordpress.org/ug:$1
External Hebrew {{xhe| $1 }} http://docs.wph.co.il/wiki/$1
External Indonesian {{xid| $1 }} http://id.wordpress.net/codex/$1
External Chinese {{xzh-cn| $1 }} http://codex.wordpress.org.cn/$1

Ramiy 16:22, 5 June 2009