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Core Team

Lead Developers

Long-term contributors. Influence higher level project development decisions. These people also weigh in on commit access decisions.

  • Helen Hou-Sandi / helen – Lead Developer
  • Dion Hulse / dd32 – Lead Developer
  • Mark Jaquith / markjaquith — Lead Developer
  • Matt Mullenweg / matt — Project Lead
  • Andrew Nacin / nacin — Lead Developer
  • Andrew Ozz / azaozz — Lead Developer
  • Peter Westwood / westi — Lead Developer emeritus

Core Developers

Trusted committers with ongoing commit access.

Guest Committers

These are people who have been given commit access for a release cycle. After every cycle, their commit access expires, and their performance is reviewed by the Lead Developers. Developers generally have temporary commit access for a year before they are considered for permanent commit access.

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