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What are the Forums all about?

The WordPress Support Forums are designed to provide answers to your WordPress problems and issues.

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Who answers questions on the Forum?

Unpaid volunteers answer all the questions on the WordPress Support Forums.

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What is the proper etiquette on the Forums?

Please read Using the Support Forums!

Why don't they use phpBB software for the Forums?

The WordPress developers have chosen to use the bbPress software over phpBB because they developed bbPress. bbPress is a bare-bones, fast, forum system, and is a work-in progress. It supports registered users, categorization, tags, topic history, resolved/un-resolved status, and a search engine (when properly implemented).

Is there a better method for searching the Forums?

Learn about using the site: function and quotes when structuring your search query.

Where do I get support for a wordpress.com blog?

The official way to contact the WordPress.com support team is through the "Feedback" tab in the Dashboard of your WordPress.com blog, or on the WordPress.com forums.

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