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Function Reference/get comment pages count

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Calculate the total number of comment pages.

This function lets you calculate how many pages of comments there will be for a post, given the number of comments to show per page, and whether the comments should be threaded or not.


<?php get_comment_pages_count$comments$per_page$threaded); ?>


(array) (optional) array of comment objects. If empty, $wp_query->comments will be used.
Default: null
(integer) (optional) comments per page.
Default: null
(boolean) (optional) control over flat or threaded comments.
Default: null

Return Values

Number of comment pages.


This function can be used within the loop like this:

$pages = get_comment_pages_count();

This will use the defaults for the number of comments per page and threading. You can use custom values like this:

// Show 25 comments per page.
$pages = get_comment_pages_count( null, 25 );

// Don't thread comments.
$pages = get_comment_pages_count( null, null, false ); 

// Show 10 comments per page, use threading.
$pages = get_comment_pages_count( null, 10, true ); 

When inside the loop, you can just pass null as the value for the $comment parameter, as shown above. You can also use the function outside the loop, but you need to pass in the array of comments. For example, you may perform a custom comment query using WP_Comment_Query:

$args = array(
   // query args here

$comments_query = new WP_Comment_Query;
$comments = $comments_query->query( $args );

$pages = get_comment_pages_count( $comments );


  • Typically you cannot use this function before the The Loop has started.

Change Log

Since: 2.7.0

Source File

get_comment_pages_count() is located in wp-includes/comment.php.


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