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Function Reference/get taxonomy


Get the object containing a taxonomy's settings (metadata).

Note that it does NOT return the list of terms associated with the taxonomy. To do this, you should use get_term() to return an object or wp_list_categories() to return an HTML list of terms.


<?php get_taxonomy$taxonomy ?>


(string) (required) The name of the taxonomy
Default: None

Return Values

Returns an object containing the taxonomy metadata on success.

Returns false if the taxonomy does not exist.


For example for a custom taxonomy named "features" associated with a custom post type named "rentals".

 $rental_features = get_taxonomy( 'features' );
 print_r( $rental_features );
 stdClass Object ( 
 [hierarchical] => 
 [update_count_callback] => 
 [rewrite] => 
     Array ( [slug] => features [with_front] => 1 ) 
 [query_var] => features 
 [public] => 1 
 [show_ui] => 1 
 [show_tagcloud] => 1 
 [_builtin] => 
 [labels] => 
   stdClass Object ( 
       [name] => Features 
       [singular_name] => Feature 
       [search_items] => Search Features 
       [popular_items] => Popular Features 
       [all_items] => All Features 
       [parent_item] => Parent Feature 
       [parent_item_colon] => Parent Feature: 
       [edit_item] => Edit Feature 
       [update_item] => Update Feature 
       [add_new_item] => Add New Feature 
       [new_item_name] => New Feature Name 
       [separate_items_with_commas] => Separate Features with commas 
       [add_or_remove_items] => Add or remove Features 
       [choose_from_most_used] => Choose from the most used Features 
 [show_in_nav_menus] => 1 
 [label] => Features 
 [singular_label] => Feature 
 [cap] => 
   stdClass Object ( 
       [manage_terms] => manage_categories 
       [edit_terms] => manage_categories 
       [delete_terms] => manage_categories 
       [assign_terms] => edit_posts 
 [name] => features 
 [object_type] => 
   Array ( [0] => rentals [1] => rentals ) 


  • Uses global: $wp_taxonomies (array)

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Source File

get_taxonomy() is located in wp-includes/taxonomy.php.


Taxonomy Functions: get_taxonomy() taxonomy_exists() register_taxonomy() get_taxonomies() the_taxonomies() get_taxonomy_labels() get_taxonomy_template() is_object_in_taxonomy() get_the_taxonomies() get_post_taxonomies() get_object_taxonomies() is_taxonomy_hierarchical()