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Function Reference/get theme support


Allows a theme or plugin to get support of a certain theme feature.


<?php get_theme_support$feature ); ?>


(string) (required) Name for the feature being added.
Default: None

Features list:

See Theme Features for more information.

Feature Means

See Function_Reference/add_theme_support for more.


Returns either:

  • array() - containing the arguments passed when support for the feature was registered via add_theme_support( $feature, $arguments ); OR
  • true (bool) - if support for the feature was added without arguments (add_theme_support( $feature ); OR
  • false (bool) - if the feature is not supported by the current theme.

Source File

get_theme_support() is located in wp-includes/theme.php.


Theme Support: add_theme_support(), remove_theme_support(), current_theme_supports()
Features: sidebar, menus, post-formats, title-tag, custom-background, custom-header, post-thumbnails, automatic-feed-links, html5, editor-style, content_width

See also index of Function Reference and index of Template Tags.