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Function Reference/has post format


Returns a boolean if the specified post format is assigned (true) or not (false) to the post. This will usually be called in the the loop, but can be used anywhere if a post ID is provided.


<?php $format has_post_format($format,$post_id); ?>


(string|array) (Required) name of the post format or array of names of post formats.
Default: none
(integer) (Optional) ID of the post.
Default: current loop post


 * Do something if the post format is a gallery

if ( has_post_format('gallery') ) {
  // Do something


Source File

has_post_format() is located in wp-includes/post-formats.php.

Post Formats: set_post_format(), get_post_format(), has_post_format(), the_post_format_audio(), get_the_post_format_media(), get_content_audio(), the_post_format_chat(), get_the_post_format_chat(), get_content_chat(), add_chat_detection_format(), the_post_format_gallery(), get_content_galleries(), get_post_gallery_images(), the_post_format_image(), get_the_post_format_image(), get_content_images(), the_post_format_quote(), get_the_post_format_quote(), get_content_quote(), the_post_format_url(), get_the_post_format_url(), get_content_url(), the_post_format_video(), get_content_video(), the_remaining_content(), get_the_remaining_content(), get_post_format_meta(), post_format_content_class(), get_post_format_content_class(), post_formats_compat()

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