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Function Reference/has tag


Check if the current post has any of the given tags. The given tags are checked against the post's tags' term_ids, names and slugs. Tags given as integers will only be checked against the post's tags' term_ids.

If no tags are given, determines if post has any tags.

Note: This function is mask of: has_term( $tag, 'post_tag', $post ) Therefore if you are attempting to determine if a post of a custom post type has a particular tag you need to do: has_term( $tag, 'mycpt_tag', $post )


<?php has_tag$tag$post ); ?>


(mixed) (optional) The tag name, term_id or slug. Also accepts an array of tag names, term ids and slugs
Default: None
(object) (optional) Post to check instead of the current post.
Default: Current post

Return Values

True if the current post has any of the given tags (or any tag, if no tag specified), false otherwise.


Since: 2.6.0

Source File

has_tag() is located in wp-includes/category-template.php.


See also index of Function Reference and index of Template Tags.