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Function Reference/load template


Require once the template file with WordPress environment.

The globals are set up for the template file to ensure that the WordPress environment is available from within the function. The query variables are also available.


<?php load_template$_template_file$require_once ?>


(string) (required) Path to template file.
Default: None
(bool) (optional) Whether to require_once or require.
Default: true

Return Values

This function does not return a value.


Loading a template in a plugin, but allowing theme and child theme to override template

 if ( $overridden_template = locate_template( 'some-template.php' ) ) {
   // locate_template() returns path to file
   // if either the child theme or the parent theme have overridden the template
   load_template( $overridden_template );
 } else {
   // If neither the child nor parent theme have overridden the template,
   // we load the template from the 'templates' sub-directory of the directory this file is in
   load_template( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/templates/some-template.php' );


  • Uses global: (object) $wp_query to extract extract() global variables returned by the query_vars method while protecting the current values in these global variables:
    • (unknown type) $posts
    • (unknown type) $post
    • (boolean) $wp_did_header Returns true if the WordPress header was already loaded. See the /wp-blog-header.php file for details.
    • (boolean) $wp_did_template_redirect
    • (object) $wp_rewrite
    • (object) $wpdb
    • (string) $wp_version holds the installed WordPress version number.
    • (string) $wp
    • (string) $id
    • (string) $comment
    • (string) $user_ID

Change Log

Since: 1.5.0

Source File

load_template() is located in wp-includes/template.php.


Template Functions: locate_template(), load_template(), get_template(), get_template_part(), get_template_directory(), get_template_directory_uri(), get_page_templates(), comments_template(), get_query_template(), is_page_template()

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