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Function Reference/ms site check

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Checks status of current blog.

Checks if the blog is deleted, inactive, archived, or spammed.

Dies with a default message if the blog does not pass the check, or if an appropriate drop-in file exists, returns path to that file.


<?php ms_site_check(); ?>


This function does not accept any parameters

Return Value

Returns true on success, or path to drop-in file to include on failure.

If no appropriate drop-in file exists, function dies with default message.



To change the default message when a blog does not pass the check, use the wp-content/blog-deleted.php, blog-inactive.php and blog-suspended.php drop-ins. Then include the returned path if the function does not return True.

Change Log

Since: ??

Source File

ms_site_check() is located in wp-includes/ms-load.php



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