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Function Reference/wp encode emoji


This function will convert any 4 byte emoji in a string to their equivalent HTML entity and return it. It uses the PHP function 'mb_convert_encoding' to do the real converting. The main purpose of this function is for installs with a database which uses the 3 byte 'utf8' encoding to still be able to store emoji characters. Since WordPress 4.2 most databases will be converted to 4 byte collations with 'utf8mb4'.


 <?php echo wp_encode_emoji$content ); ?> 


(string) (mandatory) The string of text that is to be converted. There is no default.
Default: None

Return Values

Encoded content. If the content includes 4 byte emoji, it will convert it to the equivalent HTML entity.


Return the converted string

<?php $content = wp_encode_emoji( $content ); ?>

Providing backwards compatibility for plugin developers with extra code:

 function my_own_maybe_encode_emoji( $string ) {
	global $wpdb;
	$db_charset = $wpdb->charset;
	if ( 'utf8mb4' != $db_charset ) {
		if ( function_exists('wp_encode_emoji') && function_exists( 'mb_convert_encoding' ) ) {
			$string = wp_encode_emoji( $string );
	return $string;

 $string = my_own_maybe_encode_emoji( $string );

Change Log

Since: 4.2

Source File

wp encode emoji() is located in wp-includes/formatting.php.


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