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Function Reference/wp get themes


Returns an array of WP_Theme objects based on the argument.


<?php $themes wp_get_themes$args ); ?>


(array) (Optional) This array can have the key/value pairs below.
Default: array( 'errors' => false , 'allowed' => null, 'blog_id' => 0 )
  • 'errors': mixed. Defaults to false.
    • true to return themes with errors.
    • false to return themes without errors.
    • null to return all themes.
  • 'allowed': mixed. (Multisite) Defaults to null.
    • true to return only allowed themes for a site.
    • false to return only disallowed themes for a site.
    • 'site' to return only site-allowed themes.
    • 'network' to return only network-allowed themes.
    • null to return all themes.
  • 'blog_id': int. (Multisite) The blog ID used to calculate which themes are allowed. Defaults to 0, synonymous with the current blog.

Return Values

This function returns an array of WP_Theme objects (see wp_get_theme()).

Change Log

Since: 3.4.0

Source File

wp_get_themes() is located in wp-includes/theme.php.


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