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Function Reference/wptexturize


This returns given text with transformations of quotes to smart quotes, apostrophes, dashes, ellipses, the trademark symbol, and the multiplication symbol.


 <?php wptexturize$text ); ?> 


(string) (required) The text to be formatted.
Default: None

Return Values

The string replaced with html numeric character references.


  • Text enclosed in the tags <pre>, <code>, <kbd>, <style>, <script>, and <tt> will be skipped. This list of tags can be changed with the 'no_texturize_tags' filter.
  • Text in the '[code]' shortcode will also be ignored. The list of shortcodes can be changed with the 'no_texturize_shortcodes' filter.
  • Do not use this function before the 'init' action hook. All of the settings must be initialized before the first call to wptexturize or it will fail on every subsequent use.
  • Opening and closing quotes can be customized in a WordPress translation file. Here are some of the text transformations:
source text transformed text symbol name
"---" "—" em-dash
" -- " "—" em-dash
"--" "–" en-dash
" - " "–" en-dash
"..." "…" ellipsis
`` opening quote
"hello “hello opening quote
'hello ‘hello opening quote
'' closing quote
world." world.” closing quote
world.' world.’ closing quote
" (tm)" " ™" trademark symbol
1234" 1234″ double prime symbol
1234' 1234′ prime symbol
'99 ’99 apostrophe before abbreviated year
Webster's Webster’s apostrophe in a word
1234x1234 1234×1234 multiplication symbol

  • There is a small "cockney" list of transformations, as well. They can be replaced if the variable $wp_cockneyreplace is defined and contains an associative array with the keys containing the source strings and the values containing the transformed strings. By default the following strings will be transformed:
  • 'tain't
  • 'twere
  • 'twas
  • 'tis
  • 'twill
  • 'til
  • 'bout
  • 'nuff
  • 'round
  • 'cause

Change Log

Since: 0.71

In 4.0: wptexturize() and _wptexturize_pushpop_element() were significantly revised to improve performance and to resolve many bugs. This version also added the run_wptexturize filter to allow a theme or plugin to permanently disable this feature.

Source File

wptexturize() is located in wp-includes/formatting.php.


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