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Fundraising and Promotions/Wordsmith

Wordsmith is the new title that will be given to those who volunteer to install WordPress for friends or family as part of the Install WordPress for a Friend promotional campaign.

Project Outline


Install WordPress for a Friend is designed to:

  1. Promote WordPress.
  2. Encourage users.
  3. Create a "community" of volunteers who help WordPress users.
  4. Recognize "wordsmiths" as volunteers who help WordPress users install and develop WordPress blogs and sites.


Using a link in their Wordpress sites, such as <a href="http://example.com" rel="wordsmith">Joe Example</a>, a WordPress "spider" would go out and spider the home page URLs from the support forums database and look for the rel="wordsmith" links. This information would then be added to the Profile Page of a user on the WordPress Support Forum. It is a "gameable" technique and a "scorecard" on the user's Forum Profile Pages will be kept to monitor the number of "points" for such links as an official wordsmith.


By the time the developers have finished the development of the spider and made changes to the WordPress Forum, the following tasks must be completed:


November Release

  • Project Coding
  • Project Specifications and Instructions
  • Promotional Campaign Begins