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GSoC 2008 Application Template

This is the Application Template for GSoC2008

Summer of Code Application Template

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, Lloyd Budd (lloyd@automattic.com) or the WordPress Google Summer of Code 2008 group list at wordpress-soc-2008@googlegroups.com.

Please include the following headers and information

Personal Details

  • Name: Lloyd Budd
  • Email: lloyd@automattic.com
  • GTalk or Skype ID (for IM and voice chats): lloydomattic@gmail.com or foolswisdom on Skype

Project Proposal

Please first document you proposal on a WordPress powered blog, and include a link here in your application.

If its from our list, a popular ideas submitted by members of the WordPress community or something you've come up with, propose the project here. Please be as detailed as possible.

Include any work or research on this project you have already done. Sharing the project idea on the wp-hackers mailing list is a good idea.

As a community, we are really focused on ship early, ship often, but also ship when it is ready. It is important to tell us if the software you will be working on is meant to exist as a plugin or included in the core of WordPress. We are committed to keeping core a non-frills experience, so it is important that a project for core is coordinated with our most experienced and dedicated developers.

Also, consider what challenges or risks there are to the project not being as successful as planned.

Schedule of Deliverables

What are the milestones and deliverables for your project?

If accepted you will later work with your mentor to have a very specific commitment on about what will be required for full student payment at the half way mark and the end. This will help limit disappointment of both mentors and students.

Do you have any other commitments during this time?

Open Source Development Experience

If experience exists, in any form, even a few bug reports or some tiny 2 line patch to something obscure, tell us!

Work/Internship Experience

Anything relevant to the project, or a career related to blogging or software development. If you've bagged groceries, its probably not too relevant, but it shows that you can work in a colloborative environment!

Academic Experience

What you're studying in university/college that is relevant, how you're doing in your program, etc.

Why WordPress

Tell us why you choice to apply with us.

See Also

That is everything. Thanks for applying!

Largely borrowed from http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/SummerOfCode/ApplicationTemplate

I also recommend reading