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Gnome Summer Program for Women Summer 2013

The Gnome Outreach Program for Women is an internship program modeled on Google Summer of Code and administered by the Gnome project on a regular basis that awards stipends to participants who successfully complete a requested free and open-source software project contribution under the guidance of project mentors. This program is intended to increase the participation of women in free software projects and increase the diversity of project contributor pools.

WordPress is a mentoring organization for the Gnome Outreach Program for Women Summer 2013 session.


From the Gnome info pages:

Each participating organization, with the help of corporate sponsors, will sponsor several internships each from June 17 to September 23, 2013. Any woman who has not previously participated in an Outreach Program for Women or Google Summer of Code internship is welcome to apply, provided she is available for a full-time internship during this time period. This program is open to anyone who identifies as a woman regardless of gender presentation or assigned sex at birth. Genderqueer and genderfluid people are welcome to apply.

Because the program is intended to help newcomers and contributors who are relatively new to the FOSS community to get more involved, we unfortunately can't accept past participants of Outreach Program for Women or Google Summer of Code internships. However, if you qualify for Google Summer of Code, you are more than welcome to apply for it.

The internships offered are not limited to coding, but include user experience design, graphic design, documentation, web development, marketing, translation and other types of tasks needed to sustain a FOSS project.

The internship is expected to be a full-time effort, meaning that the participants must be able to spend 40 hours a week on their project. Participants will work remotely from home. Because IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is one of the primary means of communication within FOSS projects, participants should be present on their project's IRC channel while working. You will also be expected to communicate electronically with other project members via other means, including bug tracker comments, mailing list discussion, blog posts, and personal e-mail. Participants will be expected to blog at least once every two weeks about their work and their blog posts will be included on the sites that aggregate blog posts of organization contributors, usually called Planets, and on the Women in Free Software Planet.

The GNOME Foundation will be administering the payments of the $5,000 (USD) stipends each participant will get according to the schedule specified here.

Note: While Gnome asks for a blog post every 2 weeks, WordPress requires a blog post every week, not every two weeks.


March 27: Application period opens March 27 - May 1: Applicants get in touch with projects and make sample contributions May 1: Application deadline at 7pm UTC May 27: ccepted participants announced by Gnome at 7pm UTC June 17 - September 23: Internship period June 20: $500 will be sent to participants who have begun their internships July 30: $2250 will be sent to participants in good standing with their mentors September 27: $2250 will be sent to participants who have successfully completed their internships

Potential Projects

Projects are available in many areas of the WordPress project. Anyone interested in applying for a coding project is requested to also apply to GSoC if we are accepted as a mentoring organization there. This section will be filled in with project ideas by April 10. You are also welcome to suggest your own project idea in one of these areas.


Video Transcription: The WordPress community has produc hondreds of hours of WordCamp presentations, tutorials, and other video content that needs to be transcribed for accessibility purposes. This project would basically be transcribing a set number of hours of our video content per week using open source tools. Good spelling and grammar required.

User Experience

Community Management

Graphic Design






Potential Mentors

How to Apply