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Hosting WordPress

Most hosting providers and personal installations on Unix/Linux systems should be able to host WordPress under very common configurations.

Server requirements

  • WordPress server requirements for Version 3.2+:

» Requirements for Older Versions

Note that older versions of MySQL and PHP may have reached End Of Life, which means they are no longer updated and can expose your site to security vulnerabilities. For this reason, it's best to follow the recommended setup below and use the latest versions of MySQL/MariaDB and PHP that your host supports.

Recommended setup

It is recommended you use a robust platform comprised of the Linux operating system, and either the Apache web-server or the NGINX web-server. Almost any server that supports PHP and MySQL/MariaDB will work. If your host doesn't support one of these platforms, and mod_rewrite, you will probably be better off switching to one of the many hosting providers that do offer those choices.

It is also essential that your host allows remote connections, for many of the WordPress features to work. If your host blocks outgoing HTTP connections, many parts of the WordPress will not function.

PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.6/MariaDB 10.0 or greater is recommended.

Hosting providers

Hosting is a commodity these days and with a little digging it's easy to find a host that supports the above. If you're looking for hosting suggestions, please try: