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wp-doc-bot is an IRC bot designed for the WordPress related IRC channels on freenode.


._ / ._s Link to starter theme http://underscores.me
.500 What to do with HTTP 500
.777 Some useful information about file permissions.
.ask / .anyone Tell user to just ASK!
.bbpress Tell user of the correct channel for bbPress
.best Tell the user to ask a more specific question.
.blind Some useful information for blind users
.buddypress Tell user of the correct channel for BuddyPress
.capitalp Return a quote from capitalp.org
.changelog Return a URL to the WordPress Trac showing the changes from the previous release to the current release
.channel Ask the channel
.cms Tell the user that WordPress IS a CMS
.code Ask the user to show some code
.c / .codex [search text] Return link to documentation from http://codex.wordpress.org/
.commenttext Tell the user how to change the default prompt for leaving comments.
.contribute Tell the user how to contribute to WordPress with the message "See http://codex.wordpress.org/Contributing_to_WordPress and http://codex.wordpress.org/Reporting_Bugs"
.count List the number of downloads for the current major stable version of WordPress so far
.cracks Tell the user that the channel is not for discussing how to crack WordPress.
.css / .html / .javascript / .php Tell the user where to get CSS/HTML/JS/PHP help
.data Losing GET or POST data? Let's see if this helps.
.db Link to a database connection debug script
.de / .fi Point the user to a support channel in their language
.debug How to debug PHP, for beginners
.disappointed Displays link to a 'funny' pic
.doesntwork Tell user not to simply tell us something does not work
.donthack Tell user to never hack core files Media:donthack.jpg
.download List the download location for the latest stable and nightly versions of WordPress
.enter Politely suggest to use the enter key less often
.error Ask the user to give the error that they reported having seen
.first / .stepone Tell the user to make sure the problem doesn't come from plugins or theme
.fish Explain why we will only point people in the right direction
.firebug Tell the user to install and use firebug.
.forum Explain why we like questions to be asked in the channel.
.freelanceparadox A word about WordPress freelancers
.freenode Direct the user to #freenode
.fry Not sure if trolling...
.ftp Explain what to do if WordPress keeps asking you for FTP credentials
.g [search text] Perform a Google search on the search text and return the first result
.generator [site url] Return the version reported by the generator meta tag
.get Tell the user about get_templatetag() functions
.gpl Return some links explaining the GPL
.gr [search text] Perform a Google search on the search text and link to the result list
.grep What grep means, and how to grep
.gsoc Point to the GSOC channel
.guidelines List the location of the WordPress IRC channel guidelines
.guru / .expert Tell the user to ask a real question
.hacked First aid for hacked sites
.help Send the requester a private message with the link to this help document
.it Ask the user to be more specific.
.jobs / .consultant (This command is currently disabled) Tell the user where they can get professional support
.language Inform the user that profane and offensive language is not tolerated in the channel
.link Ask the user to give a link to their site
.l / .lmgtfy [search text] Link to a lmgtfy.com search about the search text
.logs Give the user a link to the IRC logs.
.md5 [string] Return the md5 hash of a string
.memory Some resources for memory exhausted errors.
.moving Tell the user what qualifies as "moving WordPress"
.noconflict Link to jQuery noconflict info
.ops [offending nick] [optional description] (This command is currently disabled) Page all OPs of #wordpress of an issue with a user including an optional description of the problem. Please only use this command for an emergency. Use of this command for a non emergency situation will result in your prompt removal from the channel.
.ot Point to #wordpress-social
.paged Returns a link about using the paged query variable in query_posts()
.pagetpl Returns a link to the Codex entry about page templates
.password How to reset one's password
.paste List paste guidlines and list location where multi-line pastes can be placed
.patience Ask a user to be patient.
.possible Tell the user that everything is possible and to do some research on their own.
.phpxref [search text] Return link to function in PHPXref
.phpdoc [search text] Return link to function in PHPDoc
.p / .plugin [search text] Return link to a plugin based on the search text
.polls Ask the user to ask a real question.
.proprietary Tell the user to ask the vendor for support.
.query_posts Tell a user that query_posts is always the wrong way.
.queryvars Provide a URL showing a list of reserved query vars in WordPress
.register How to register a nickname on Freenode.
.repeating Tell a user that they're annoying.
.report [id] Shows the number of open tickets in a Core Trac report
.reinstall Tell the user to reinstall the WordPress core.
.related It's not a WordPress question just because the user uses WordPress.
.relocate Link to the relocate FAQ
.rtfm Tell the user that they should really read the link they have been given.
.screenshot Ask the user to show some useful information
.security How to report security problems.
.seen [nick] Tell the user the last time that nick was seen
.showcase Returns a link to the WordPress.org Showcase
.ta Trial and Error is not a valid coding strategy.
.tell [nick] [message] Leave a message to be delivered the next time we see the nick
.thinking RTFM, don't think.
.theme [search text] Return link to a theme based on the search text
.themedev Tells the user http://underscores.me is a good basis for theme development
.they Tell the user the truth about 'them'
.timthumb LOL timthumb
.tplhierarchy / .hierarchy Returns a link to the Codex entry about template hierarchy
.trac Where to find the bug tracker
.try Tell the user to try it and see
.validate Ask the user to validate his HTML
.wayttd Ask the user what they're trying to do
.wordpress Tell user of the correct channel for WordPress support
.wordpress.com Tell user of the correct channel for WordPress.com support
.whatareyou Let doc-bot explain that it is a bot
.dev Tell the user what the purpose of #wordpress-dev is
.when Tell the user when the next release will be out.
.whichtheme How to identify themes
.wpmu Links to get started with wpmu

These commands can only be used publicly in most if not all WordPress IRC channels.

This bot accepts both ! (exclamation) and . (period) as its command character. Commands listed together work the same (example: .c and .codex).

This bot operates based on channel context for WordPress and BuddyPress. The codex is however the only command that is contextual currently.

The output of most of these commands can be redirected to a specified user by using the > character followed by the user's nick.

More usage

More existing keywords somebody was too lazy to document in full detail: !orderbytax


  •  !codex get_pages > JohnDoe
  •  !link > JohnDoe

Bot commands

These commands can only be used by a limited number of people for the time being, send private messages to the bot.

learn keyword:your text Add the !keyword command that lets the bot respond with "your text"
unlearn keyword Remove the !keyword command


The bot and documentation are managed by Matt 'sivel' Martz and his army of badgers.