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IRC Meetups/2005/August/August17RawLog

[17:06] <relle> Okay, let's start anyway.
[17:06] <relle> <meetup>
[17:06] <relle> Let's start with what we know.
[17:06] <relle> mdawaffe and podz - forum?
[17:06] * Joins: ringmaster
[17:07] <mdawaffe> Uh... there's some bugs
[17:07] <relle> and they are?
[17:07] <mdawaffe> I think they're fixed - I'll get Matt to update soon
[17:07] <mdawaffe> post links... untagged view
[17:07] <mdawaffe> that's all I can think of
[17:07] <relle> Can you talk about all the new stuff?
[17:07] <relle> like the new views and all.
[17:07] <mdawaffe> yes
[17:07] <relle> Bring us up to date.
[17:08] <mdawaffe> Views: you can now browse topics by those with no replies, those with no tags, those unresolved
[17:08] <mdawaffe> hopefully this will help the amazing support vols get more accomplished more efficiently
[17:09] <mdawaffe> there's been some backend changes to how permissions work in bbPress, but I hope no one notices that (if they do, there's a bug)
[17:09] <mdawaffe> a couple other interface cleanups... mostly admin stuff
[17:09] <Firas> mdawaffe, can the view links be horizontal?
[17:09] <relle> I noticed that the paged view of profile is gone. Or did I miss something.
[17:09] <mdawaffe> Firas: yes - that's matt, though
[17:09] <Firas> or a dropdown
[17:09] <mdawaffe> relle: it is?
[17:10] <Firas> k, just that they take an awful amount of screen real estate
[17:10] <mdawaffe> I have page numbes on my profile
[17:10] <relle> I don't.
[17:10] <relle> http://wordpress.org/support/profile/6580
[17:10] <mdawaffe> Firas: I think they'll be horizontal and the Views header will be smaller too
[17:10] <mdawaffe> So you don't
[17:11] <relle> I'm special ;-)
[17:11] <mdawaffe> I'll also ask matt to recount stuff (a bbPress function)
[17:11] <mdawaffe> Matt and I have also discussed allowing mods to assign "bozo" status either to posts or users
[17:11] <Podz> cool :)
[17:11] <mdawaffe> only that user would see their posts, no one else (but mods) would
[17:11] <relle> huh?
[17:11] <relle> lol
[17:11] <Firas> relle: a form of banning without them knowing that they're banned
[17:12] <relle> can you clarify "bozo" status?
[17:12] <masquerade> mmm, it would be nice
[17:12] <mdawaffe> relle: See Firas'
[17:12] <relle> and these would be...? link spammers, and...?
[17:12] <mdawaffe> It's on the list, but it's sort of a tricky counting problem. It'll happen, though
[17:12] <masquerade> mdawaffe, how recent was this? It didn't happen to be in light of certain people posting nonsense security warnings on the forums?
[17:12] <mdawaffe> annoying teen script kiddies
[17:12] <mdawaffe> masquerade: no - this was before
[17:13] <mdawaffe> no ulterior motives here :)
[17:13] <relle> but what about what masquerade said?
[17:13] <Podz> and none would be used by me.
[17:13] <mdawaffe> well - if mods thought it appropriate, it could certainly be used in those situations as well
[17:13] <mdawaffe> It's sort of an extreme situation feature
[17:13] <mdawaffe> it's up to the mods to decide how to use it
[17:13] <masquerade> It'd be nice to be able to hide those sorts of posts without telling that person, because no matter how good intentions may be, people posting exploits and vunerabilities to the forum need to just be hidden imho
[17:13] <mdawaffe> I'm not a policy man :)
[17:14] <relle> and with the bozo status, these would not be grabbed by search engines, too?
[17:14] <mdawaffe> masquerade: well - the juicy bits could always be edited out, I believe that's what's happened in the past
[17:14] <mdawaffe> relle: correct
[17:14] <Podz> masquerade:: yes, but we can't hide it all, just the stupid ones
[17:14] <relle> Podz: what is the status on some kind of...guide for reporting security stuff? Can you just go over that since we just had to deal with that last week?
[17:14] <mdawaffe> relle: there is only one way to report security stuff
[17:15] <mdawaffe> security@wordpress.org
[17:15] <masquerade> Podz, of course, and repeat offenders
[17:15] <Podz> it was given in meetup last week - I have no clue wher the logs are
[17:15] <relle> and then someone posts on the forum...?
[17:15] <Podz> and we do what we did
[17:15] <mdawaffe> Podz: and we thank you for it :)
[17:15] <masquerade> I'd vote that anything posted on the forum is copied and pasted into an email to security@wordpress.org and the thread either marked bozo or edited out with a message that is been sent to the right people
[17:15] <relle> what else is new for forum?
[17:16] <Podz> nah - skippy got it all spot on, not me :)
[17:16] <relle> coming to a browser near you. ;-)
[17:16] <mdawaffe> (bozo status will be a while coming)
[17:16] <Podz> masquerade:: sounds good. I'll mention it to skippy and carthik
[17:16] <mdawaffe> um... not much new stuff re: forums on my end
[17:16] <relle> stickies (only critical like 1.5.2 upgrade) on front page?
[17:16] <mdawaffe> relle: ah - yes - we can do that now
[17:17] <mdawaffe> bbPress can, that is. Again - update
[17:17] <relle> mod control of matt?
[17:17] <relle> or matt?
[17:17] <mdawaffe> Oh - mods
[17:17] <relle> Podz: did you sticky 1.5.2 to the front page yet?
[17:17] <mdawaffe> relle: can't be done on WP/support yet
[17:18] <Podz> nothing can stick mto the front page
[17:18] <mdawaffe> matt needs to update the forums
[17:18] <relle> ah, update.
[17:18] <relle> yeah yeah.
[17:18] <relle> ;-)
[17:18] <Podz> also, i'd mnot use i for upgrades - thats what the dash is for
[17:18] <Podz> I would use it for really urgent stuff
[17:18] <relle> Well, isn't the announcement of the new version important and "urgent"?
[17:18] <relle> What else would be urgent?
[17:18] <masquerade> Podz, updates on account of massive security holes should be enough to warrant a sticky
[17:19] <relle> I think upgrades are very important.
[17:19] <relle> Not everyone looks at their dashboard frequently.
[17:19] <Podz> masquerade: true, bt for regular ? No. It would be for things like codex is down or something that we know provokes tons of repeat posts
[17:19] <Podz> anyway - carthik and skippy may differ :)
[17:20] <Podz> but if it abused, it will become pointless
[17:20] <relle> what do the rest of you think about upgrade announcements on the front page of the forum?
[17:20] <masquerade> Podz, agreed, no need to sticky a feature release or something
[17:20] <masquerade> but security releases are something that needs to be announced anywhere possible
[17:20] <stevecooley> relle: ^ good idea
[17:21] <relle> they don't happen every week. Just for the first 2-3 weeks of the release and then let go.
[17:21] <Podz> relle - i asked for the feature a long time ago. Trust me in how it would be used ?
[17:21] <stevecooley> relle: maybe preempt the inevitable questioning if I need to reupgrade because of the Esser thing?
[17:21] <ringmaster> I think upgrade announcements on the forum home page are pointless because not everyone visits the forums every day.
[17:22] <relle> So if they visit on a day when it's moved off the front page, they won't know?
[17:22] <stevecooley> ringmaster: true, a sticky would catch more people right?
[17:22] <ringmaster> No.
[17:22] <masquerade> There'd be little point in announcing 1.6 on the forum as a sticky
[17:22] <ringmaster> For example, I never go to the forums unless I'm pointed to a specific post.
[17:23] <stevecooley> hmm
[17:23] <masquerade> there is a point in something like security updates, where by word of mouth people might visit the forums to ask about fixes and such
[17:23] <relle> yes, but you're not using the forum like "normal people".
[17:23] <ringmaster> ...in which case, I wouldn't see the sticky.
[17:23] <stevecooley> how are all those sites doing the "Make poverty history week" diagonal banner?
[17:23] <ringmaster> "Normal people" don't use the forums unless they have a problem.
[17:23] <relle> Most people visiting the site start with the forum if they have a problem. If the first thing they see is a new release, this might solve their problem.
[17:24] <relle> Especially, as masquerade said, it's a security whine.
[17:24] <Firas> stevecooley: looks like absolutely positioning a transparent image, but i dunno
[17:24] <Podz> codex breaks - we get a zillion posts about it. Pingomatic breaks, we get an equal number. they clog up the forum. the super-stcikies are there to help the running of the forum. if they are there too much they will be ignored.
[17:24] <stevecooley> Firas: thank you, I bring it up because it might be interesting to do upgrade announcements that way?
[17:24] <mdawaffe> there's some discussion on hackers going on about the ability to automatically notify people with old versions anyway
[17:24] <Firas> oh no, it's very garish
[17:24] <stevecooley> a super-sticky
[17:24] <stevecooley> oh well
[17:24] <ringmaster> Security issues should get exposure, but not every release. The rationale there is that we're doing our due dilligence to fix an issue.
[17:25] <stevecooley> just throwin' out ideas here
[17:25] <Firas> well ok, so we're discussing whether to sticky upgrade notices or not
[17:25] <stevecooley> <- back to lurking
[17:25] <Firas> isn't it up to the mods in the end
[17:25] <Firas> stevecooley: don't let me discourage you, sorry :)
[17:25] <Podz> security ? Yes. Just another upgrade ? No.
[17:25] <masquerade> Podz, exactly
[17:25] <stevecooley> firas: ;)
[17:25] <ringmaster> I simply agree with Podz in that the effectiveness of the sticky is lost if the whole front page is covered with stickies.
[17:25] <relle> And which does 1.5.2 cover?
[17:26] <relle> Wow, we're talking about one sticky and suddenly it's multiplied?
[17:26] <masquerade> relle, 1.5.2 would definitely be security, remote php injection is a major fix
[17:26] <mdawaffe> we're actually talking about something WP/support can't even do right now ;)
[17:26] <ringmaster> Yeha, why are we talking about that?
[17:26] <Firas> wp only releases once every couple months, a sticky can't do much harm, let's move on
[17:27] <masquerade> Do we have anything else to talk about?
[17:27] <Firas> anyone disagree with moving on?
[17:27] <relle> When it comes to communicating with the WordPress members, we need to remember that information helps and avoids trauma.
[17:27] <relle> mdawaffe: you had something on time difference.
[17:27] <mdawaffe> well - dougal's addressed it
[17:27] <mdawaffe> http://dougal.gunters.org/blog/2005/08/17/wordpress-152-security-fud
[17:27] <relle> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/41866?page=2#post-236562
[17:27] <mdawaffe> sort of
[17:27] <masquerade> Dougal's feed is syndicated on the dashboard correct?
[17:28] <mdawaffe> there's a security guy complaining about the way 1.5.2 was released, Dougal hasa explained things, but I think the guys argument still has merit (not that I don't trust matt/dougal - just needs extra clarification)
[17:29] <mdawaffe> masquerade: yeah
[17:29] <Firas> Codex Condition - Lorelle
[17:29] <relle> Wait, mdawaffe is there anything else on that?
[17:29] <relle> Cuz I can't get the page. Got a wordpress error.
[17:29] <mdawaffe> Nothing that could possibly be constructive
[17:30] <relle> will you forward the info to matt and dougal and make sure something happens with it?
[17:30] <mdawaffe> relle: try http://planet.wordpress.org/
[17:30] <mdawaffe> scroll to dougal's post
[17:30] <mdawaffe> yeah
[17:30] <relle> okay.
[17:30] <relle> Codex: No freakin' clue.
[17:30] <relle> Anyone else want to bitch about it?
[17:31] <relle> All I know is that matt's been busy, appropriately, with the new release.
[17:31] <relle> What is the status of the bug hunting?
[17:31] <relle> Or is that now done as long as 1.5.2 is out?
[17:32] <ringmaster> Someone needs to freakin' commit some of the 1.6 patches.
[17:32] <mdawaffe> bug hunting is always ongoing :) how else do expect the the bug hunters to eat?
[17:32] <relle> lol
[17:32] <Firas> hmm
[17:32] <masquerade> ringmaster, agreed, I think more attention needs to be paid to trac/mosquito overall, there are still bugs from forever ago that are never acknowledged
[17:32] * Firas will check on that fud claim
[17:33] <Firas> i have literal evidence that the guy is just wrong, but whatever, let's move on
[17:33] <relle> who is in charge of commits? Only matt?
[17:33] <mikelittle> And Ryan
[17:33] <relle> where is ryan on his move? He back working or still moving?
[17:34] * Podz adds to the agenda
[17:34] <mikelittle> I think still moving?
[17:34] <relle> so anyone got anything new on 1.6 info?
[17:34] <Firas> ryan had a blog update
[17:34] <ringmaster> There's a lot going on at Trac, but not a lot of resulting commits. It might be nice if people can confirm patches or somehow put hot fixes in front of those two for committing.
[17:34] <Firas> he says he's gonna chill for a week or so?
[17:34] * Firas looks
[17:35] <relle> Are the things that need committing specifically mentioned with links in the hackers or appropriate mailing list, to direct their attention?
[17:35] <relle> Or would that even help?
[17:35] <ringmaster> That's the thing.
[17:35] <ringmaster> A lot of tickets have gb|has-patch tags.
[17:36] <ringmaster> I don't know if it would be helpful for testers to go through and confirm that the patches work, if that would speed their commits.
[17:37] <relle> what do the rest of you think?
[17:37] <masquerade> ringmaster, if you guys tagging them isn't helping, then I don't think adding any more tags to show that they work for testers would help at all
[17:37] <mdawaffe> Matt's at BBS right now. Don't know what his schedule is like. That'll prob slow commits, though
[17:37] <mdawaffe> http://wordpress.org/development/2005/07/bbs/
[17:37] <ringmaster> Well, there's a definite difference between "has a patch" and "this patch actually works".
[17:37] <ringmaster> But yeah.
[17:38] <relle> Is it possible for you or someone to make a list of what needs testing and post it to testers to give them "guidance" and motivation?
[17:38] <relle> Some kind of priority list?
[17:39] <relle> Watching their mailing list, sometimes I think they need a little direction.
[17:39] <ringmaster> I think skippy posted a link to the list for that search via Trac. If not, I'll post it.
[17:40] <relle> thanks.
[17:40] <relle> Podz: theme viewer?
[17:40] <Podz> yep
[17:41] <Podz> Shadow ? The theme viewer gets tons of hits, and shadow gets loads of emails about it. the nav is clunky
[17:41] <relle> Shadow12: are you willing to take this on again?
[17:42] <Shadow12> yes no problem
[17:42] <Podz> we need help in coming up with a solution to make it a slicker bit of kit for people, and for the downloads to be built into the site too, now they have to go to Alex's site
[17:42] <stevecooley> Shadow12: btw, thanks for being responsive about my nested quote suggestion!
[17:42] <Podz> themes are helping to 'sell' wp, and the viewer needs some help
[17:43] <Shadow12> hope it helped steve
[17:43] <relle> podz and Shadow12: let's be specific - other than bugs like it goes to the front page when you switch Themes no matter what view you are on, what does it really need?
[17:44] <Podz> that is not a bug
[17:44] <Podz> it is showing the full theme
[17:44] <Podz> we need smaller images, nav'ing betwen those images, linking to larger images and for it to be quick and clean
[17:44] <relle> well, I personally wanted to see how different themes looked in category, single, or archive view...but then I'm thorough when I investigate a theme.
[17:45] <Shadow12> it needs refining...most ofthe comlaints run on the fact that it is hard to navigate and that the download files are located at the designers sites...
[17:46] <relle> Okay, just to clarify. We are talking about http://themes.wordpress.net/theme-viewer.php or what?
[17:46] <stevecooley> tagging the themes like on the codex would help
[17:46] <Shadow12> owen has very kindly provided screenshots of every theme...and i am looking into the best way to show them in a gallery
[17:46] <stevecooley> 2 column, 3 column, other
[17:46] <Shadow12> yes that is right relle
[17:47] <relle> We're working hard to get theme authors and volunteers to add keywords to themes on the codex...though that's a problem right now. :-/
[17:47] <relle> So they would be segregated by column and...?
[17:47] <Shadow12> i agree steve...that's the next factor...it's a big job for each function that is implemented...i could do with some help at times.
[17:47] <relle> other combinations? Like minimal, sidebar left, sidebar right?
[17:48] <relle> Is there any one here who wants to jump in and help?
[17:48] <Podz> I have offered my help
[17:49] <Shadow12> thanks podz....i think i will buy that jaffa cake franchise after all :)
[17:49] <Podz> about time too :p
[17:49] <ringmaster> I'll have to ruminate on this issue...
[17:49] <relle> Shadow12 and Podz, can you get to me a description of the kind of volunteer help (job description) you need and I'll make sure we get some announcments out in the right places?
[17:50] <Podz> it's the code help we need more than anything, but we'll try and get something to throw at a coder
[17:50] <stevecooley> Shadow12: I just emailed you
[17:50] <Podz> until we have the interface, we have no work to do
[17:50] <Shadow12> will do relle
[17:50] <relle> Help Wanted: Code Head for Theme Garden ;-)
[17:50] <relle> tanks.
[17:51] <relle> And thanks for pitching in on this, both of you.
[17:51] <relle> It's something desperately needed and you will be awarded in the great nerd place in the sky.
[17:51] <relle> ;D
[17:51] <Shadow12> i guess the one point too - is do we think the theme viewer is worthwhile?
[17:51] <stevecooley> I think it is
[17:51] <relle> Hand UP!!!!
[17:51] <alphaoide> heck yes
[17:51] <ringmaster> I think the theme view is what /extend should have been.
[17:52] <Shadow12> ahhh - ok then :)
[17:52] <alphaoide> nothing's better than live demo
[17:52] <PotterSys> mmm...sounds good, but no time :'(
[17:52] Back:� Away for 1hr 36mins 56secs
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[17:52] <Shadow12> i just do not want to spend the hours on it if not tis all :)
[17:52] * relle hugs Shadow12
[17:52] <relle> GROUP HUG
[17:53] <Shadow12> as it stands now...i prefer to simplydrop the themes in asthey are zippped and ifthey bork [i hate thatword] well then that is the problem ofthe designer to rectify
[17:53] <alphaoide> what kind of code do you guys need btw?
[17:54] <Podz> alphaoide:: ideas and code. It's got to impress the newbie blogger, and the experienced ones too
[17:54] <Shadow12> well i guess because there are nearly 300 themes it makes the task of looking them very difficult...most of the complaints are from people saying they give up after 50 or so
[17:54] <Podz> it's a major selling area - it needs love and attention :)
[17:54] <Shadow12> the screenshotswill help of course
[17:54] <relle> Shadow12: I vote for it if borks, either kill it or email a note and kill it. It's up to you. If it's not there, though, you're going to get email whining WHY - so I vote for a note saying "borked - fix and resubmit - not my job nor problem" and that will stem the tide of whiners.
[17:54] <stevecooley> Podz: I'm in for code help I think
[17:54] <Shadow12> i give it love and attention really i do :(
[17:55] <relle> alphaoide: want to pitch in?
[17:55] <ringmaster> What it needs is a thing that will pop-up a row of mini screenshots, let you get a popup (div) description on mouse-over, and then load the full theme on a click.
[17:55] <stevecooley> yep
[17:55] <Shadow12> sounds excellent ringmaster...and a coffee too would be nice :) i will do the coffee part ok :)
[17:56] <ringmaster> Alright.  :)
[17:56] <relle> souunds like you are starting to build your team, Shadow12 and Podz.
[17:56] <relle> ;-)
[17:56] <alphaoide> Shadow12: what's your email?
[17:57] <relle> If they let you down, fire me off the job description. :D
[17:57] <Shadow12> shadow12 gmail
[17:57] <relle> and thanks again for doing this.
[17:57] <relle> okay, wordpress.com
[17:57] <Shadow12> thanks :)
[17:58] <relle> anyone got anything to say about it?
[17:59] <ringmaster> WTF is it. Why do I care.
[17:59] <stevecooley> um, what's the golden ticket business?
[17:59] <alphaoide> what about it?
[17:59] <stevecooley> let's ask Matt! oh
[17:59] <relle> It's the beta test site for WordPress MU.
[17:59] <mdawaffe> There's not been any official announcement about what it is, so I doubt anyone here knows
[17:59] <relle> And it is using 1.6 borked do not use.
[17:59] <mdawaffe> so is the dev blog
[17:59] <relle> There has been some wacky publicity stunt mentions.
[17:59] <mikelittle> I think it is using WPMU
[18:00] <mdawaffe> yup - seems good PR to me
[18:00] <relle> It is.
[18:00] <mdawaffe> hype and all
[18:00] <stevecooley> so awesome, I can't wait for wpmu to become easier to install and run
[18:00] <relle> Well, sorta good PR. It's basically recruiting guinnea pigs.
[18:00] <relle> I took it for a ride and it is very sweet but very limited.
[18:01] <relle> Those who participate help WordPress MU and hackers by reporting bugs. I sent off three pages of stuff the other day.
[18:01] <relle> But it is AWESOME.
[18:01] <stevecooley> I have about a dozen blogs at work that I'm in a tech recommend position for, is there someone I can mail to get a look at it?
[18:01] <relle> http://mu.wordpress.org
[18:01] <stevecooley> oh, ok
[18:01] <relle> http://lorelle.wordpress.com/ is my beta site.
[18:02] <Podz> what is the point of another blog ? I have several as it is....
[18:02] <relle> The version is very limited with only a few themes to choose from but the whole thing will be awesome for hosts when it gets all the buggies worked out.
[18:02] <relle> It's a beta test site.
[18:02] * Quits: ringmaster ("Find me at http://asymptomatic.net"�)
[18:03] <relle> wordpress.com is hosting wordpress MU and it showcases the product as well as helps test drive it for release this fall - and promotes it.
[18:03] <relle> Anyway, there has been a lot of talk about this mysterious thing but I just wanted you all to know the core stuff.
[18:04] <relle> If you want to get your hands dirty with MU and 1.6, then ask Donncha or Matt and they'll help you get involved.
[18:05] <Podz> anyone got anything else ? Or shall we shut up shop for the week ?
[18:06] <stevecooley> uh
[18:06] * Shadow12 is seen turning off the light and thus disappearing in one move...
[18:07] <stevecooley> I added one thing late in the meet
[18:07] <relle> Speak up!
[18:07] <stevecooley> I was just thinking about how IO_Error helped me out with his plug today
[18:07] <stevecooley> I'm not a newb, but I had no idea about bad behavior
[18:08] <stevecooley> how do newbs find out what plug ins are critical to run
[18:08] <stevecooley> ? spam karma and bad behavior being the two I have in mind
[18:08] <Podz> they dont right now
[18:08] <relle> Are they critical?
[18:08] <stevecooley> maybe there's others out there, though
[18:08] <stevecooley> well, if you don't run at least SK2, you get overrun with spam quickly....
[18:08] <Podz> true
[18:09] <stevecooley> maybe i should think my idea over better, but
[18:09] <relle> My 1.5 site was up and running for months before I got hit with spam.
[18:09] <relle> And then I got hit and I got them.
[18:09] <relle> But how do you decide which are "critical" and which aren't?
[18:09] <stevecooley> I was thinking it would be cool to let people vote on which plugins they think are important to run,
[18:09] <stevecooley> right, that's what I was thinking too, Relle
[18:10] <stevecooley> if the community can share the collective wisdom on which are critical, it will be easy for newbs to do the right thing from the start
[18:10] <relle> what do the rest of you think about this?
[18:11] <relle> We've had discussions of "fav plugins" on the forum, before.
[18:12] <relle> masquerade, firas, mdawaffe, podz, whatcha think?
[18:12] * Parts: Podz ("Leaving"�)
[18:12] * Parts: Shadow12
[18:12] <relle> Well, anyone else?
[18:12] <mdawaffe> don't know how we'd compile it
[18:12] <Firas> sorry, what are we talking about?
[18:12] <stevecooley> ok, well, I'll chew on it
[18:12] <mdawaffe> no - it's not a bad idea
[18:12] <relle> stevecooley: why don't you "chew" on it and see if you can come up with a "fair" way to do this.
[18:13] <mdawaffe> Firas: compiling a list of "recommended" plugins, or some such. Like BadBehavior
[18:13] <relle> If there are competing plugins for the same "critical" issue, then they deserve mention, too.
[18:13] <stevecooley> ok
[18:13] <stevecooley> yeah, exactly,
[18:13] <Firas> ah
[18:13] <relle> and get podz involved because it will probably involve the forum.
[18:13] <stevecooley> I have no bias, I just want to be sure I'm getting the least spam with the best tools
[18:13] <mdawaffe> there's some overlap between this idea and the wishlist idea that will eventually happen on wp.org
[18:14] <relle> of polling?
[18:14] <mdawaffe> but wishlist is on the back burner at the moment until bbPress settles a bit
[18:14] <mdawaffe> relle: yeah
[18:14] <stevecooley> it almost feels like it would be good to have the "top ten plugins" as voted on by the community show up on the installer completion screen
[18:15] <stevecooley> "wordpress is all set, maybe you might want to check out these plugins"
[18:15] <relle> so, stevecooley think about how this should all work and then talk to some "knowledgeable" experts and get back to us on your proposal. And then we can work towards it.
[18:15] <stevecooley> k
[18:15] <relle> anything else on the list?
[18:17] <relle> Okay, thanks everyone. See you next week. And hopefully Codex will be WORKING. $%*)(*&#$@$%*(
[18:17] <relle> </meetup>

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