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IRC Meetups/2005/August/August31RawLog

[17:07] <photomatt_wrk> I guess major items are
[17:07] <photomatt_wrk> the Codex is back
[17:07] <photomatt_wrk> and running v. nicely
[17:07] <Podz> where is this navbar ?
[17:07] <Firas> very cool
[17:08] <photomatt_wrk> Podz: on the left, under the flower
[17:08] <ringmaster> Yes, what is this "Navbar" thing everyone keeps talking about?
[17:08] <Podz> all looks the same here..
[17:08] <photomatt_wrk> Make sure under your preferences
[17:08] <photomatt_wrk> you have "codex" and not "monobook" selected as the theme
[17:08] <Podz> ahhhhhh
[17:09] <photomatt_wrk> it's the default, but some people might have switched
[17:09] <photomatt_wrk> the codex search now uses the wordpress.org search
[17:09] <photomatt_wrk> wordpress.org has been moved to a new server which is much faster
[17:09] <masquerade> photomatt_wrk, it looks like if you're not logged in, you get the old navigation, if you are logged in, you get the new. It'd be nice for people who aren't logged in to see that navbar also
[17:10] * westi realises that this is the first meetup in weeks he's made and only by accident
[17:10] <photomatt_wrk> masquerade:there is a theme cookie that gets set somewhere
[17:10] <photomatt_wrk> if you visited while things were changing it could be off
[17:10] <mdawaffe> photomatt_wrk: can't codex theme be the *real* default, though
[17:11] <mdawaffe> oh - nm
[17:11] <photomatt_wrk> dmn, my keyboard isn't working
[17:11] * Joins: schulte
[17:11] <photomatt_wrk> try visiting the codex in a diff browser or clearing cookies, you *should* see the codex theme
[17:12] <photomatt_wrk> anyway, the codex is set for the foreseeable future
[17:12] <Podz> wow that looks funky in opera :)
[17:13] <Podz> fonts - thats all. no breakage
[17:13] <photomatt_wrk> gotcha
[17:14] <photomatt_wrk> mdawaffe: did you want to talk about the forums?
[17:14] <mdawaffe> sure
[17:14] <mdawaffe> I was just curious to get feedback from the heavy lifters about the interface
[17:14] <mdawaffe> why it's good, why it's bad
[17:14] <mdawaffe> that sort of thing
[17:15] <mdawaffe> Firas mentioned the possibility of including some sort of spinner when submitting a post
[17:15] <mdawaffe> something like http://static.technorati.com/pix/loading-anim.gif
[17:15] <photomatt_wrk> question: why does the user have to wait at all?
[17:15] <mdawaffe> I had thought to do something like ringmaster's canaryComments
[17:15] <Podz> wouldn't that take as long though ?
[17:15] <Firas> photomatt_wkr: when waits happen
[17:15] <photomatt_wrk> can't it appear to be added immediately?
[17:15] <masquerade> I just filed this ticket which fixes it without mod_gzip:
[17:15] <masquerade> http://trac.wordpress.org/report/1
[17:16] <mdawaffe> photomatt_wrk: yes and no
[17:16] <masquerade> photomatt_wrk, try that out, it should help more, but mod_gzip still buffers, if we can kill that somehow, it should be 100%
[17:16] <mdawaffe> well - really no
[17:16] <mdawaffe> the problem is that sites might customize their templates
[17:16] <photomatt_wrk> masquerade: thanks for lookig into that :)
[17:16] <mdawaffe> so the server needs to figure out how to filter/format
[17:16] <masquerade> erm
[17:16] <westi> masquerade: i think you mean http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1638
[17:17] <masquerade> westi, yeah, thanks
[17:17] <ringmaster> canaryComments passed the comment through all the filters first, before passing it back out via Ajax.
[17:17] <mdawaffe> ringmaster: right - that's what we do now
[17:17] <ringmaster> ...And at that point, you might as well have reloaded the page.
[17:17] <mdawaffe> I was speaking specifically of the little spinny guy I remember on your site
[17:17] <mdawaffe> ringmaster: there's still a few fewer SQL queries
[17:17] <ringmaster> Yeah, true.
[17:18] <photomatt_wrk> masquerade: would it be possible to send enough dummy content to get past the buffer?
[17:18] <photomatt_wrk> mdawaffe: are we doing that much filtering anyway?
[17:18] <masquerade> photomatt_wrk, doing the flush before the pings should output whats in the buffer, unless its mod_gzip, afaik mod_gzip buffers everything no matter what, we can't do much
[17:18] <mdawaffe> photomatt_wrk: not much filtering no (though codify does) - but there's still the template issue
[17:18] <photomatt_wrk> this relates to the perception vs reality in speed
[17:19] <Podz> as we have all the nav links at the top of the page, it would be nice to have some #top links for the longer threads
[17:19] <mdawaffe> do people notice a lag when posting?
[17:19] <mdawaffe> Podz: ok
[17:20] <photomatt_wrk> mdawaffe: not on the forums, but I have been running into problems with the new WP category code
[17:20] <Podz> post-lag ? no.
[17:20] <photomatt_wrk> sometimes I have to add a category twice for it to show up
[17:20] <mdawaffe> photomatt_wrk: yeah? odd.
[17:20] * Parts: geeksmakemehot
[17:20] <photomatt_wrk> it's pretty common, I could recreate it for you
[17:20] <mdawaffe> hm
[17:21] <mdawaffe> Well - this is all implementation details
[17:21] <mdawaffe> I'm more curious at the moment if people don't like the interface itself
[17:21] <mdawaffe> and if so why
[17:22] <mdawaffe> lag, confusing, ugly, etc.....
[17:22] <photomatt_wrk> mdawaffe: my main suggestion would be to remove the post form after it's sent
[17:22] <mdawaffe> ah - clever
[17:22] <photomatt_wrk> so it's much more obvious what has happened
[17:23] <ringmaster> Does it come back when the post goes up?
[17:23] <mdawaffe> ringmaster: perhaps a link "write again"
[17:23] <photomatt_wrk> nah
[17:23] * Joins: stevecooley
[17:23] <westi> a link would be good,,, and removing the form might stop a few double posts
[17:24] <mdawaffe> Have there been double posts?
[17:24] <westi> occasionaly i see two posts with the same content
[17:24] <mdawaffe> I'd have thought the throttling measures would have taken care of that.
[17:24] <mdawaffe> ok - thanks
[17:25] <mdawaffe> unless people have more suggestions, that's really all I wanted - thoughts/suggestions/criticisms/etc
[17:26] <mdawaffe> photomatt_wrk: we can talk later about the AJAX cats and such
[17:26] <photomatt_wrk> mdawaffe: cool
[17:27] <photomatt_wrk> next item on the list is wordpress.org redesign
[17:27] <Podz> the link to the latest by RSS is well hidden right now
[17:27] <Podz> sorry matt :)
[17:27] <photomatt_wrk> work on it has started back up
[17:27] <photomatt_wrk> the main goals are
[17:28] <mdawaffe> (Podz which link?)
[17:28] <photomatt_wrk> * get people going to the right place based on whether they already use WP or not
[17:28] <photomatt_wrk> * integrate the codex better
[17:28] <photomatt_wrk> * have more forum-like places for interaction and suggestions
[17:28] <photomatt_wrk> * plugin/theme promotion
[17:28] <photomatt_wrk> * finally, updated look
[17:28] <Podz> mdawaffe:: http://wordpress.org/support/rss/
[17:29] <photomatt_wrk> someone told me the other day that the shadow on top of the pattern background was the web equivalent of avacado green kitchen appliances
[17:29] <mdawaffe> Podz: ah - indeed - where the hell does one find that link at the moment?
[17:29] <Podz> feeddemon :)
[17:29] <Firas> photomatt_wrk: it was cool in 04, i think :)
[17:30] <Firas> it's not quite that dated
[17:30] <photomatt_wrk> Firas: haha, yep
[17:30] <photomatt_wrk> at least we don't have any animated gifs
[17:30] <mdawaffe> "back in ought-four..."
[17:30] <mdawaffe> photomatt_wrk: we could...
[17:30] <photomatt_wrk> heh
[17:31] <mdawaffe> under construction, dancing babies, you know the drill
[17:31] <photomatt_wrk> I must admit some of ringmaster's animations are so cool
[17:31] <photomatt_wrk> they'd be great to have on the site to highlight features
[17:31] <ringmaster> Huh? What?
[17:31] <mdawaffe> ringmaster: your dancing babies
[17:31] <mdawaffe> photomatt_wrk likes them
[17:31] <photomatt_wrk> haha
[17:31] <photomatt_wrk> ringmaster: the wysiwyg, etc
[17:31] <ringmaster> Yeah, they are cool, huh? All, "goo" and pacifierific.
[17:31] <mdawaffe> haha
[17:32] <ringmaster> Well, aim me at what you want to shoot, and I'll set it up. Takes hardly any time at all.
[17:32] <mdawaffe> ringmaster: I really liked your wysiwyg shot too - the more and next page thing had me completely sold
[17:33] <ringmaster> Yeah, when's that getting committed?
[17:33] * Joins: michel_v
[17:33] <mdawaffe> thought it already had
[17:33] <michel_v> I forgot there was a meetup tonight
[17:33] <ringmaster> Oh, neat.  :)
[17:33] <photomatt_wrk> ringmaster: it already was
[17:34] <ringmaster> I didn't realize. Little slow on the uptake lately, I guess.
[17:34] <mdawaffe> http://trac.wordpress.org/changeset/2820
[17:35] <photomatt_wrk> it would be nice to have the word lookup and such that we had before with quicktags
[17:35] <photomatt_wrk> maybe that could be part of the WP tinymce plugin?
[17:36] <Firas> that'd make sense
[17:36] <Firas> and instead of launching a new window just do something smarter :)
[17:36] <photomatt_wrk> sure
[17:36] <photomatt_wrk> the two main things, besides bugfixes, that I want for the editor still
[17:36] <ringmaster> Hmm...
[17:36] <photomatt_wrk> are auto-save and spell checking
[17:37] <michel_v> photomatt: has there been investigations on whether or not it was possible to load an external stylesheet in tinymce's iframe?
[17:37] <ringmaster> Isn't there a spell-checker in the tinymce core package?
[17:38] <photomatt_wrk> ringmaster: link?
[17:38] <photomatt_wrk> michel_v: it's possible, but I think it's worth keeping the admin look distinct from the front-end
[17:38] <photomatt_wrk> not follow down the same messy path as drupal
[17:38] <michel_v> oh, I'm only looking at the possibility for a plugin
[17:38] <ringmaster> photomatt_wrk: AH, it's IE-only.  :(
[17:38] <photomatt_wrk> it's less of a post preview and more of a rich-text editor
[17:38] <photomatt_wrk> what I do think would be cool
[17:39] <photomatt_wrk> is making the preview an iframe to the actual site
[17:39] <photomatt_wrk> instead of just a rendering
[17:39] <photomatt_wrk> sort of like how b2 had the popup
[17:40] <photomatt_wrk> btw, ryan caught up with commits - http://boren.nu/archives/2005/08/30/commit-this/
[17:41] <photomatt_wrk> I think that's it for today
[17:42] <photomatt_wrk> I wanted to wrap up with a few invites for people at the meeting, if anyone wants to start a blog on wp.com and doesn't have one yet
[17:42] <stevecooley> nice
[17:42] <PotterSys> cool
[17:43] <ringmaster> Who here already has one?
[17:43] <Podz> me
[17:43] * masquerade does
[17:43] <photomatt_wrk> who wants one?
[17:43] <stevecooley> me please
[17:44] <PotterSys> me too, por favor
[17:45] <photomatt_wrk> emails?
[17:45] <photomatt_wrk> you two can be the two for the day :)
[17:47] <mdawaffe> photomatt_wrk: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1639
[17:47] <photomatt_wrk> mdawaffe: you're too fast :)
[17:47] <mdawaffe> ;)
[17:47] <stevecooley> photomatt_wrk: steve@****junkwe****.com
[17:51] <photomatt_wrk> sent and sent
[17:51] <photomatt_wrk> enjoy!
[17:51] <PotterSys> gracias :D
[17:51] <photomatt_wrk> any other items for the meetup?
[17:51] <PotterSys> "WordPress.org redesign"
[17:51] <stevecooley> thanks, matt
[17:54] <photomatt_wrk> I think we covered the redesign earlier
[17:54] <photomatt_wrk> I think that's it for today
[17:54] <photomatt_wrk> </meetup>

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