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IRC Meetups/2005/December/December28RawLog

[21:11] <photomatt_sfo> well, in the interest of people who are up extra late today, shall we get started?
[21:11] <photomatt_sfo> <meetup>
[21:12] <PotterSys> first topic: 2.0 relase
[21:12] <photomatt_sfo> actually it's probably out of order
[21:12] <photomatt_sfo> let's start with the top support issues since 2.0 went live on the site
[21:12] <Podz> well the 404's have gone at long last
[21:13] <photomatt_sfo> not quite, they're still there
[21:13] <photomatt_sfo> just not on the forums
[21:13] <Podz> true
[21:14] <photomatt_sfo> however - http://www.litespeedtech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1580#1580
[21:14] <photomatt_sfo> I expect the problem to be totally gone within 24 hours
[21:15] <photomatt_sfo> Podz: what have you noticed as the most frequent topics in the forums?
[21:15] <Podz> uploads, rewrite rules, the RTE
[21:15] <masquerade> I'll mention that the new uploading is by far, the longest topic related to 2.0 that's out there
[21:16] <Podz> most people dislike the lack of control. I know I would.
[21:16] <photomatt_sfo> what about the rewrite rules have been an issue?
[21:17] <photomatt_sfo> a thread pointer is fine
[21:17] <Podz> there have been some bugs i think but otherwise it's 'where did they go ?' type stuff
[21:17] * Joins: io_error
[21:18] <masquerade> 3370-3372 is also a good indicator
[21:19] <photomatt_sfo> gotcha
[21:20] <photomatt_sfo> has the upload complaints been mostly about the interface, the folder structure, or something else?
[21:21] <masquerade> I've seen a lot of posts about the uploader interface, people don't seem to realize you can click to get a menu
[21:22] <masquerade> and, I've seen a few posts about security violations while upgrading, as well as one person in IRC, apparently he couldn't even upload .jpg files
[21:23] <Podz> photomatt - safe mode has come up a few times. I commented on this before release and i've read that a fix has just been committed. be nice for that to have been in the release itself..
[21:23] <photomatt_sfo> the menu isn't where I'd like it yet, but I think we could perhaps address some of the confusion with documentation for now
[21:23] <photomatt_sfo> Podz: safe mode how?
[21:25] <PotterSys> photomatt_sfo: http://codex.wordpress.org/User:PotterSys/Media_Managment
[21:25] <Podz> http://wordpress.org/support/topic.php?id=53381&replies=5
[21:25] <Podz> that sort of thing
[21:26] <Podz> (merging tags = much errors!)
[21:27] <photomatt_sfo> much errors?
[21:27] <photomatt_sfo> it's irreversible, so be careful
[21:27] <Podz> near 'WHERE tag_id = '50 at line 1]
[21:27] <Podz> UPDATE minibb_tags SET tag_count = WHERE tag_id = '50'
[21:28] <photomatt_sfo> hmm
[21:28] <Podz> anway - thats another issue :)
[21:30] <photomatt_sfo> traffic on the forums has been lower than I expected
[21:30] <photomatt_sfo> just by the numbers, it's about average (120ish posts a day)
[21:30] <Podz> possibly because they came, saw breakage and left ?
[21:31] <Podz> I know I've had a leap in personal email
[21:32] <photomatt_sfo> maybe?
[21:32] <photomatt_sfo> It should jump after the dev blog post, which I don't want to do until we're certain server issues have been straightened out
[21:33] <photomatt_sfo> already we did a quarter of a million pageviews yesterday
[21:33] <Podz> will yahoo let codex be up ? They aren't doing much of a job these days
[21:34] <io_error> Podz: You ask too much of Yeehaw!
[21:35] <Podz> I'll admit that if codex equates to how they'll look after wp users ... not good.
[21:35] <Podz> and their 'auto update' is very worrying indeed.
[21:37] <photomatt_sfo> I'll send them a note about the codex seeing if anything is up, I haven't noticed any problems myself, though it does seem slower than normal
[21:38] <photomatt_sfo> the auto-update is fantastic, I've tested it several times
[21:38] <Podz> we'll have to take your word for it :)
[21:39] <photomatt_sfo> well they'll be doing one in a few weeks
[21:39] <photomatt_sfo> so we'll see
[21:40] <photomatt_sfo> wrt "Server issues"
[21:40] <photomatt_sfo> unfortunately there will need to be another server jump for wp.org
[21:40] <photomatt_sfo> on the plus side, it's in the same datacenter (less downtime)
[21:40] <photomatt_sfo> and it's identical code
[21:41] <photomatt_sfo> also the bad DNS server that caused the bouncing last time has been tamed
[21:41] <photomatt_sfo> hopefully it'll be tonight, but I'll send a note out to the list when it happens
[21:41] <Podz> I'll be asleep :)
[21:42] <photomatt_sfo> whew!
[21:42] <photomatt_sfo> there goes half of the forum traffic ;)
[21:42] <mikelittle> I still get 404's regularly (on the counter page and screen shots just now)
[21:42] <Podz> I'm retiring at 10,000 posts :)
[21:43] <photomatt_sfo> new, flexible with codex is live
[21:43] <photomatt_sfo> mikelittle: yes they're still liable on any page that uses mod_rewrite
[21:43] <mikelittle> OK *nods*
[21:43] <photomatt_sfo> I haven't upgraded the web server yet with the fix I linked above
[21:43] <masquerade> photomatt_sfo, and sufficiently ugly in Firefox, it overlaps
[21:44] <photomatt_sfo> reload
[21:44] <masquerade> there it goes
[21:44] <photomatt_sfo> next step is cleaning up a lot of that ugly inline CSS embedded everywhere
[21:44] <photomatt_sfo> and moving it to classes and stylesheets
[21:44] <masquerade> except on pages where there's a Table of Contents
[21:44] <masquerade> there's still overlaps
[21:45] <masquerade> s/overlaps/overlap
[21:45] <photomatt_sfo> on http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Features you see an overlap?
[21:45] <photomatt_sfo> or is a specefic page
[21:46] <photomatt_sfo> Podz: I think you already crossed 10k
[21:46] <Podz> photomatt - no idea :)
[21:46] <masquerade> mmm, and the codex won't load now
[21:46] <masquerade> and it suddenly snaps back
[21:47] <masquerade> photomatt, I see an overlap there as well, any page with a TOC is overlapping with the Views column
[21:47] <photomatt_sfo> hmm
[21:48] <photomatt_sfo> I'm on FF here too
[21:48] <alphaoide> it overlaps when the browser is wider than 1280
[21:48] <Podz> I have a 10px? scroll
[21:49] <Podz> 1024/768
[21:51] <photomatt_sfo> alphaoide: thanks!
[21:51] <photomatt_sfo> I probably mixed up some percentages and set margines
[21:51] <photomatt_sfo> *margins
[21:51] <photomatt_sfo> I'll take a look at it when I'm home, stuck on the laptop for now
[21:51] <photomatt_sfo> Podz: yes that's the margin problem
[21:52] <photomatt_sfo> is the flex design better in general though?
[21:53] <Podz> I think info sites need width not height. So I'd vote for wider myself.
[21:56] <photomatt_sfo> k
[21:57] <photomatt_sfo> so about the announcement, I'm going to upload a draft to my user page later
[21:57] <photomatt_sfo> assuming server things go well, it can "go out" tomorrow
[21:57] <Podz> Please can we have a proper way for wp.com people to get info/support/things answered ?
[21:58] <photomatt_sfo> yes
[21:58] <Podz> matt - is 1.5.2 secure ?
[21:59] <photomatt_sfo> Podz: I've been talking with Ryan about doing a 1.5.3 release with some updates, including security
[21:59] <Podz> is that a definite ? many people are not moving to 2.0 and to leave 1.5.2 unsecured would be bad for wp
[22:01] <photomatt_sfo> there is nothing in 1.5.2 I would say is a threat to people waiting on it for a bit
[22:01] <Podz> 'for a bit' ?
[22:02] <photomatt_sfo> I don't remember the exact issue, but it was fairly esoteric and the person needed to be above level 6 or 7
[22:02] <photomatt_sfo> if people are using blogs with multiple authors, I would highly recommend they update to 2.0 for things like the KSES integration with posting and such
[22:03] <photomatt_sfo> that's not something that would be backported
[22:04] <Podz> but 1.5.2 for a single user IS secure ? We will be asked this after release so a definitive would be good to use in the forums
[22:06] <photomatt_sfo> yes, afaik
[22:06] <Podz> thanks :)
[22:07] <photomatt_sfo> unless there are any questions, we should wrap up
[22:08] <photomatt_sfo> I'll fix the codex width issue and upgrade the web server when I get home
[22:08] <photomatt_sfo> (the first time I'll be home since Dec 2)
[22:08] <Podz> I'm done with q's
[22:09] <mikelittle> OK by me. My bed calls...
[22:12] <photomatt_sfo> g'night folks
[22:12] <photomatt_sfo> </meetup>

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