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IRC Meetups/2005/December/December7RawLog

(16:05:07) skeltoac: <meetup>
(16:05:12) Podz: beta state of play then ?
(16:05:16) stevecooley: yay!
(16:05:27) skeltoac: Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda?
(16:05:39) Podz: not here
(16:06:56) skeltoac: Well, okay then :)
(16:07:05) skeltoac: Last call!
(16:07:06) stevecooley: well, that makes it a short meeting
(16:08:14) skeltoac: Hm, we might have gotten away with a <meetup /> today!
(16:11:11) skeltoac: Okay, goodnight everyone!
(16:11:20) mikelittle: OK. G'night
(16:11:44) ***skeltoac waits for io_error to run in with an urgent topic
(16:11:49) Podz: lol
(16:12:01) skeltoac: </meetup>

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