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IRC Meetups/2005/June/June08RawLog

[4:57 PM] <Ppl|Working> Too much work.
[4:57 PM] <Ppl|Working> ;)
[4:57 PM] <tunicwriter> He's paranoid x3
[4:57 PM] <photomatt> 2 minutes
[4:58 PM] <relle> photomatt: I added two old topics, but I don't know what is still relevant.
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[4:59 PM] <relle> Anyone have any past topics to add to the Past Topics section?
[4:59 PM] <relle> Bring it up now or forever hold your...whatever.
[4:59 PM] <photomatt> I see two on there
[5:00 PM] <photomatt> let's get started
[5:00 PM] <photomatt> howdy everyone :)
[5:00 PM] <Podz> evening :)
[5:00 PM] <Tom39|work> 'Ello.
[5:00 PM] <necrotic> howdy
[5:00 PM] <tunicwriter> Good day, sirrah.
[5:01 PM] <skippy> hi
[5:01 PM] <masquerade> evening :D
[5:01 PM] <mdawaffe> afternoon :)
[5:01 PM] <photomatt> first up is the wiki WG
[5:01 PM] <photomatt> which I created a mailing list for earlier and sent a note to the wp-hackers list
[5:01 PM] <SuperLag> Good afternoon.
[5:01 PM] <masquerade> photomatt, speaking of which, for ideas on how to go about this, should we just send mails to the list? Bring them up here?
[5:01 PM] <photomatt> for the wiki?
[5:01 PM] <photomatt> send them to the list
[5:02 PM] <photomatt> the situation with mediawiki is getting worse, it still won't upgrade the DB
[5:03 PM] <presroi_> have you ask in #mediawiki for help?
[5:03 PM] <photomatt> of course
[5:03 PM] <photomatt> several times, and I've searched what I could find online
[5:03 PM] <skippy> can we downgrade?
[5:04 PM] <photomatt> we've been upgrading because of security issues
[5:04 PM] <mdawaffe> Is it a (bad coding on their part) issue of skipping a few incrementals?
[5:04 PM] <mdawaffe> Or is it just bad coding
[5:04 PM] <masquerade> skippy, security vunerabilities will come back with a downgrade
[5:04 PM] <photomatt> running the upgrade file actually returns a PHP error
[5:04 PM] <Tom39|work> Hmm, I upgraded my wiki to 1.4.5 with no trouble.
[5:04 PM] <photomatt> I've followed the code through trying to fix it, but when I fix one error another comes up
[5:05 PM] <relle> I now you thought about it, but what about a fresh install - after backing up and saving all our precious work, of course.
[5:05 PM] <relle> ;-)
[5:05 PM] <Tom39|work> Were we updating from 1.4.4?
[5:05 PM] <photomatt> that's the direction we're heading in, at least in my mind
[5:05 PM] <masquerade> relle, if he can't upgrade the database, how would a fresh install help? the database would still need upgrading right?
[5:06 PM] <photomatt> I'm wondering if maybe we could do something like keep the same DB schema but have a custom front-end
[5:06 PM] <photomatt> somewhat like lightpress is doing with WP, but our motivations are different
[5:06 PM] <mdawaffe> wow
[5:06 PM] <mdawaffe> sounds a good piece of work
[5:07 PM] <photomatt> true
[5:07 PM] <photomatt> but that's why the wiki-tech list was created, to decide and work out next step
[5:07 PM] <relle> Either way, we get a lot of whines on the Forum, so could Podz or someone be notified before the Codex goes down next time so we can post a note BEFORE it happens on the Forum?
[5:07 PM] <photomatt> I think people would be excited about mediawiki/WP integration
[5:08 PM] <photomatt> relle: that's been due to actual hardware problems, not planned downtime
[5:08 PM] <photomatt> so it's hard to anticipate
[5:08 PM] <mdawaffe> that would be exciting
[5:08 PM] <relle> Oh, okay. Still, if you are planning to "do" something, it helps to be informed.
[5:08 PM] <photomatt> I've found an alternative host, but the environment is much more restrictive (though much more stable)
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[5:09 PM] <tunicwriter> photomatt: I've actually wondered if there is anything like WP-wiki integration, and had the need for such... would be a good addition to the WP-stable of products...
[5:09 PM] <photomatt> anyway the codex is being backed up regularly offsite, so worst case scenario it can't be down for too long
[5:09 PM] <mdawaffe> WordPress+bbPress+wiki = real ultimate power (.net)
[5:09 PM] <photomatt> tunicwriter: join the wiki-tech list :)
[5:09 PM] <relle> And this answers the issue in the Codex about the fact that we can't access any of the links here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Special:Categories which makes it really tough to edit and find edits and clean up.
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> mdawaffe: now you're talking :)
[5:10 PM] <shep> lol
[5:10 PM] <relle> So we can scratch that off the list.
[5:10 PM] <relle> Ah, reinventing the wheel again.
[5:10 PM] <SuperLag> What are the space/bandwidth requirements for the Codex?
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> the second item on past topics is the extend theme viewer?
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> let's move on to that
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> what is it?
[5:10 PM] <relle> The Extend/Themes thing.
[5:11 PM] <photomatt> just an update?
[5:11 PM] <relle> yeah.
[5:11 PM] <photomatt> it's been doing really well, getting tons of traffic
[5:11 PM] <shep> i enjoy it
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[5:11 PM] <shep> how often will the showcased themes be changed
[5:11 PM] <photomatt> going to break 10,000 downloads of themes soon
[5:11 PM] * mdawaffe does a little "to the left - to the right" dance whenever he visitsd
[5:12 PM] <photomatt> and david house sent in the cool code that updates the link when you use the scroll
[5:12 PM] <LouisC> WHoa, shit, it
[5:12 PM] <LouisC> started
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[5:13 PM] * masquerade puts **** over LouisC's text
[5:13 PM] <LouisC> whoops
[5:13 PM] <shep> should the featured themes be updated each week or how often?
[5:13 PM] <photomatt> I imagine more themes will be added gradually, there needs to be some cleanup of the current ones still
[5:13 PM] <shep> when will the plugins section be up?
[5:13 PM] <Ppl|Working> photomatt: Aw, we're not running a theme charity...?
[5:13 PM] <photomatt> shep: I don't know
[5:13 PM] <Ppl|Working> Damn.
[5:13 PM] <factoryjoe> photomatt: i'd like to see you rip off the itunes store for that
[5:13 PM] * Ppl|Working goes away again.
[5:13 PM] <shep> and will it be done in the same fashion?
[5:13 PM] <photomatt> the itunes store?
[5:13 PM] <photomatt> shep: no the plugin section will be VERY different
[5:14 PM] <shep> photmatt, ok
[5:14 PM] <factoryjoe> yeah, where you scroll to see this week's addition's etc
[5:14 PM] <mdawaffe> it will scroll diagonally
[5:14 PM] <mdawaffe> ;)
[5:14 PM] <factoryjoe> or "staff picks"
[5:14 PM] <relle> LOL
[5:14 PM] <factoryjoe> hmm, a scrolling matrix
[5:14 PM] <photomatt> neat idea, maybe when we have more
[5:14 PM] <Tom39|work> The link for Borja Fernandez ( http://www.lamateporunyogur.com/ ) hasn't been working.
[5:14 PM] <factoryjoe> sure
[5:14 PM] <photomatt> we need some different layouts on there, especially 3-col
[5:14 PM] <factoryjoe> what about the idea of putting that viewer into wordpress proper for choosing your theme?
[5:14 PM] <masquerade> mdawaffe, or it can scroll right to left (and left to right for those in backwards countries)
[5:14 PM] <photomatt> mikelittle's themes seems like a good start
[5:15 PM] <mdawaffe> masquerade: hehe
[5:15 PM] <mikelittle> Yeah, I've just updated it too. I'll add it in.
[5:15 PM] <Ppl|Working> masquerade: Racist. ;p
[5:15 PM] <photomatt> factoryjoe: not yet, there will be an API for accessing the theme and plugin repositories in the future, though
[5:15 PM] <photomatt> mikelittle: very groovy
[5:15 PM] <factoryjoe> ah right
[5:15 PM] <factoryjoe> ok
[5:15 PM] <factoryjoe> always a bit ahead of myself
[5:15 PM] <masquerade> Ppl|Working, only if I was to mention a race, which I did not :-P
[5:15 PM] <photomatt> maybe we could poke some of our design-oriented people to create color variations of some of the current themes as well
[5:16 PM] <photomatt> like Toni had 6 colors you could choose from, people loved that
[5:16 PM] <photomatt> let's mark that as a volunteer project, "remixing" the chosen themes
[5:16 PM] <masquerade> geeksmakemehot has a few themes like that also
[5:17 PM] <tunicwriter> Kubrick remixed? :o
[5:17 PM] <relle> I think, if possible, the winners of the contests should be high on the list to get into this list.
[5:17 PM] <photomatt> well for kubrick we can point to the great header resources
[5:17 PM] <LouisC> I hate kubrick. Are there going to be more themes included with Wordpress in the future?
[5:17 PM] <photomatt> LouisC: you have hundreds of options
[5:18 PM] <LouisC> I mean included, so all the newbies don't use the same theme
[5:18 PM] <shep> LouisC: i don't see the point in including more
[5:18 PM] <shep> its not hard to find new ones
[5:18 PM] <Podz> LouisC: I'm with shep
[5:18 PM] <photomatt> short of randomizing the default, I don't think including more themes would make a difference and it would create more support problems
[5:18 PM] <LouisC> alright, I guess
[5:18 PM] <photomatt> we are making it easier to find and install themes though
[5:18 PM] <photomatt> relle: winners of Alex's contest you mean?
[5:19 PM] <relle> yep
[5:19 PM] <relle> Has there been any other theme contests?
[5:20 PM] <photomatt> there was the style contest before that
[5:20 PM] <relle> I thought that was also on Alex's site.
[5:20 PM] <photomatt> it was
[5:20 PM] <photomatt> I think we should try to resurrect one or two of the old styles, a few were quite good
[5:20 PM] <shep> storm is a brewin.. might have to leave a bit early
[5:21 PM] <photomatt> So that's the state of the themes page. Adsense support on forums?
[5:21 PM] <relle> next?
[5:21 PM] <photomatt> I posted a link to where we should send those people
[5:21 PM] <relle> If this is a big deal, then maybe we should add a reference in the Codex to help folks.
[5:21 PM] <Podz> we are doing more and more. it must stop. people are coming to us for support
[5:21 PM] <photomatt> I'm not interested in supporting Google's products on our support forums
[5:21 PM] <relle> Anyone up for the challenge?
[5:22 PM] <relle> Generic: how to add ads?
[5:22 PM] <photomatt> I think the answer would be posting a link to google's resources and closing the threads
[5:22 PM] <shep> i have a support page suggestion
[5:22 PM] <photomatt> we don't close thread enough, IMO
[5:22 PM] <Podz> photomatt: I agree
[5:22 PM] <photomatt> shep: yes?
[5:22 PM] <photomatt> Podz: use the force
[5:22 PM] <photomatt> ;)
[5:22 PM] <shep> i REALLY don't like the forum liste being at the very bottom
[5:22 PM] <shep> list*
[5:22 PM] * relle applauds shep!
[5:22 PM] <shep> i think it should be above the latest discussions
[5:23 PM] <LouisC> Ihaven't used the forum for that very reason
[5:23 PM] <LouisC> it's strange
[5:23 PM] <photomatt> well the whole idea of tags is to eliminate the forum list entirely
[5:23 PM] <LouisC> *I haven't
[5:23 PM] <relle> And tags moved under "search".
[5:23 PM] <photomatt> the tags are badly implemented now
[5:23 PM] <relle> YIKES!
[5:23 PM] <photomatt> they need to be more time- and user-sensitive
[5:23 PM] <shep> i'm not a fan of the tags
[5:23 PM] <relle> Then people would be posting all over the place. I don't think people use the tags to find a section to post in, do they?
[5:23 PM] <shep> sometimes i just like to go in and view whats going on in each section
[5:24 PM] <photomatt> relle: people shouldn't have to "find" a section to post in
[5:24 PM] <relle> Right.
[5:24 PM] <photomatt> they should just post for support and categorize it as appropriate
[5:24 PM] <photomatt> the exception is the "your wordpress" forum, which is a bit out of place
[5:24 PM] <photomatt> in the future I expect that to be transitioned to some sort of directory/blog
[5:24 PM] <relle> So if you do away with the sections, then how would they know where to post to get to the folks who only help in specific areas?
[5:24 PM] <relle> Okay.
[5:25 PM] <shep> i like the sections personally
[5:25 PM] <photomatt> relle: you could subscribe to tags in your area of expertise
[5:25 PM] <photomatt> or search phrases
[5:25 PM] <shep> like i said, i like to randomly troll through
[5:25 PM] <relle> Wow, subscribe...more information that will have to be added somewhere to explain how to use the forum this way.
[5:25 PM] <photomatt> I might know a bit about "CSS, adsense, jazz, and macaroni"
[5:25 PM] <mdawaffe> relle: and there could still be a tag called "troubleshooting" though hopefully it won't be the only tag applied to a troubleshooting post. It should be accompanied by MySQL or Plugin or whatever
[5:26 PM] <shep> mmm.. macaroni
[5:26 PM] <photomatt> the problem with the forums is people never know where to put their post at first, and it's annoying to have to move posts around
[5:26 PM] <mdawaffe> photomatt: I always had you figured as a linguini man
[5:26 PM] <relle> Podz, is that true?
[5:27 PM] <relle> If I have a problem with installation, I put it in installation. But as soon as the sections moved to the bottom of the page, I started seeing a lot more posts going all over the place.
[5:27 PM] <Podz> there is a lot of posts that land in the wrong place yes, and people who answer only in one miss those
[5:27 PM] <masquerade> photomatt, the same will be true for tags to an extent also. Things like variations on plurals, different words to describe problems. Unless _everyone_ tags the same, there may be no relief to the same problem
[5:27 PM] <Podz> people in a panic just post
[5:27 PM] <shep> relle: i've noticed that too
[5:28 PM] <photomatt> the only important distinctions in threads should be "answered, not answered, not a question"
[5:28 PM] <relle> Well, it's clear that photomatt has far reaching plans for this, so we wait and see.
[5:28 PM] <photomatt> relle: if you have some ideas drop by the bbpress list and add them
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[5:29 PM] <donncha> 'evening!
[5:29 PM] <photomatt> hi donncha :)
[5:29 PM] <relle> My only interest is keeping things as simple as possible for the user to get to the information they need and the volunteers to answer their questions. Simple simple.
[5:29 PM] <photomatt> next up we have bumps
[5:29 PM] <relle> KILL THEM.
[5:29 PM] <Podz> I HATE bumps
[5:29 PM] <photomatt> personally, I think bumps should be shot on site
[5:29 PM] <shep> bumps?
[5:29 PM] <photomatt> I delete all the ones I come across
[5:29 PM] <Podz> seconded
[5:29 PM] <Podz> adopted :)
[5:29 PM] <photomatt> shep: posts with no content, just to bump the thread
[5:29 PM] <mdawaffe> DELORTED
[5:30 PM] <shep> ah
[5:30 PM] <photomatt> okay, that was easy :)
[5:30 PM] <Podz> I want to rewrite the stickies, and addressing bumping is part of that
[5:30 PM] <relle> But let's make sure that the bold or something is put back into place to show us the difference in the list of what hasn't been answered so we don't lose people.
[5:30 PM] <skippy> please color stickie post titles in red.
[5:30 PM] <SuperLag> bumps? as in version bumps? or does that mean something entirely different here?
[5:30 PM] <Podz> *bump* to the top of the list
[5:30 PM] <relle> It means forcing a thread to the top again with a comment or space.
[5:30 PM] <photomatt> Podz: instead of stickies, could we have a *SHORT* forum guide, maybe 3 paragraphs for the codex?
[5:30 PM] <skippy> SuperLag: posting "bump!" in a forum discussion to drive the post to the top of the activity list
[5:30 PM] <photomatt> I'd like to link to it from the top of the support page
[5:31 PM] <photomatt> or rather in addition to stickies
[5:31 PM] <masquerade> SuperLag, its people who make crap posts to get their thread to move to the top of the list of recent posts, in case you didn't get it from anyone else ;-)
[5:31 PM] <Podz> what about a link or two in the sidebar ?
[5:31 PM] <Podz> thats wasted estate right now
[5:31 PM] <skippy> photomatt: are first-time support visitors forced to search before posting ?
[5:31 PM] <relle> no
[5:31 PM] <photomatt> that's possible too, but I'd like to really make it front and center when people come to /support
[5:32 PM] <SuperLag> How many people use the codex on an average day?
[5:32 PM] <relle> People notice the search input very quickly. It jumps right out.
[5:32 PM] <photomatt> looking at the stats, there actually are more searches than posts, so that's good :)
[5:32 PM] <SuperLag> you could use Googles free API, but I think you're limited to 1000 searches a day
[5:32 PM] <photomatt> SuperLag: We got a nasty letter from Google for our last usage of their search, I'm not inclined to use them again
[5:33 PM] <SuperLag> No kidding?!
[5:33 PM] <photomatt> I'm checking out yahoo search, though their site: operator isn't as powerful
[5:33 PM] <Podz> there are more searches - since matt changed the form, it's much better than it was - believe me :)
[5:33 PM] <photomatt> I had good and constant advice ;)
[5:34 PM] <Tom39|work> What was Google's complaint?
[5:34 PM] <tunicwriter> Heh... "constant" ...
[5:34 PM] <photomatt> let me look up the codex stats real quick
[5:34 PM] <relle> 2629433 page views, and 12271 page edits since the wiki was setup
[5:34 PM] <relle> 262942 must be my views...hee hee
[5:34 PM] <shep> lol
[5:35 PM] <masquerade> relle, and 12271 your edits too :P
[5:35 PM] <relle> 12270
[5:35 PM] <skippy> I think posting to the forum should be restricted to people who have searched first.
[5:35 PM] <mdawaffe> photomatt: how long has the /support counter been there... and what does it count?
[5:35 PM] <relle> Another volunteer helped.
[5:36 PM] <photomatt> mdawaffe: what counter?
[5:36 PM] <mdawaffe> lower left in any thread or ssearch
[5:36 PM] <mdawaffe> tell me I'm not goin gmad
[5:36 PM] <photomatt> skippy: mpt proposed something similar, we might try it
[5:36 PM] <SuperLag> mdawaffe: you're not going mad
[5:36 PM] <photomatt> oh, whoops. I added that a few hours ago
[5:36 PM] <mdawaffe> SuperLag: thanks
[5:36 PM] <photomatt> just to test out this service
[5:36 PM] <photomatt> it should be invisible though
[5:37 PM] <relle> NOT. hee hee
[5:37 PM] <mdawaffe> hehe needs a little work then ;)
[5:37 PM] <Tom39|work> I see it too.
[5:37 PM] <photomatt> kinda sticks out, doesn't it :)
[5:37 PM] <masquerade> for the forum, why not have when you first visit /support a page coming up with nothing but a big Search link with the textbox, and then at the bottom and smaller say post to the forum ;-)
[5:37 PM] <masquerade> or, browse the forum rather
[5:37 PM] <photomatt> masquerade: that's the idea for the new intro, a sentence and link to longer expl. on codex, and a search box
[5:38 PM] <relle> photomatt: did you get the new versions of the Docs area on the forum I sent you? I had a lot of trouble sending that and I'm not sure why.
[5:38 PM] <photomatt> codex had 87k unique visitors in june, according to awstats
[5:38 PM] <photomatt> relle: yes, I have several emails from you backed up, I'm sorry
[5:38 PM] <mdawaffe> jun is only a few days old
[5:38 PM] <relle> no problem.
[5:39 PM] <relle> i'm not important.....whimper.
[5:39 PM] <photomatt> most emails I can dispatch in < a minute, but yours are really good and juicy so it takes me longer to get to them :)
[5:39 PM] <relle> excuzes.
[5:39 PM] * photomatt ducks
[5:39 PM] <relle> NEXT!
[5:40 PM] <Tom39|work> Somewhere between Zeldman and Santa...
[5:40 PM] <photomatt> stickies
[5:40 PM] <skippy> please add color to sticky titles
[5:40 PM] <Podz> they are old - I'll rewrite
[5:40 PM] <photomatt> okay, we can do both
[5:41 PM] <Podz> I will ask for feedback from some before they go live, but I'm not throwing it open for all and sundry if thats okay
[5:41 PM] <shep> i'm beginning to wonder who really runs wordpress :P
[5:41 PM] <relle> photomatt and Podz: mention was made to add a link and/or info on the Review Your WordPress guidelines on the Codex.
[5:41 PM] * shep winks at relle
[5:41 PM] * relle spanks shep.
[5:41 PM] <shep> :D
[5:41 PM] <relle> For the Your WordPress section.
[5:42 PM] <relle> Just a nagging reminder.
[5:42 PM] <photomatt> do we have a list of forum todos somewhere?
[5:42 PM] <relle> Your desk? Podz' desk?
[5:42 PM] <Podz> nope
[5:42 PM] <photomatt> if not, could someone stick it on my user page?
[5:42 PM] <photomatt> at least the administrative stuff
[5:43 PM] <mdawaffe> the silence from relle probably means she's doing it :)
[5:43 PM] <relle> not yet.....
[5:43 PM] <shep> weather is looking a bit nasty. gonna shut down the computer.
[5:43 PM] <shep> see you all
[5:43 PM] <Podz> byeee
[5:43 PM] <relle> see yah.
[5:43 PM] <mdawaffe> oh - jumped the gun, I guess ;)
[5:43 PM] <relle> next?
[5:43 PM] <mdawaffe> shep: be safe
[5:43 PM] |<-- shep has left freenode ("(? www.nnscript.de ::? NoNameScript 3.81 ::? www.?XLhost.de? )?")
[5:44 PM] <relle> Increased search results ? Paged maybe ?
[5:44 PM] <photomatt> the timestamp problem was fixed, I hadn't run the upgrade scripts that mdawaffe wrote yet
[5:44 PM] <photomatt> relle: put that on the todo
[5:44 PM] <Tom39|work> Yeah, that was a good fix.
[5:44 PM] <relle> ME?????
[5:44 PM] <mdawaffe> photomatt: nope - not entirely http://bbpress.automattic.com/ticket/76
[5:44 PM] <mdawaffe> but it is now
[5:45 PM] <mdawaffe> relle: I'll do it, one sec
[5:45 PM] <relle> Ah hem: I just checked and a topic that on the front page says "5 minutes" on the post says "Topic started 5 years ago"
[5:46 PM] <mdawaffe> relle: (I meant I'll do the bit on Matt's use page)
[5:46 PM] <relle> It's too funny, but true. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/35967
[5:46 PM] <relle> k
[5:46 PM] <Podz> relle: have they bumped it yet ? :)
[5:46 PM] <photomatt> ha!
[5:46 PM] <mdawaffe> but yeah - it's a cute bug, isn't it?
[5:46 PM] <relle> Only 4 years ago.
[5:46 PM] <mdawaffe> hhaaha
[5:46 PM] <relle> They are not in that big of a hurry.
[5:46 PM] <Tom39|work> relle: Yeah, that should be fixed by changeset 130.
[5:47 PM] <relle> ha
[5:47 PM] <tunicwriter> Does the Postings on the forum use the PST/PDT timezone?
[5:47 PM] <Tom39|work> Yeah, the time of the server.
[5:47 PM] <tunicwriter> Could that be clarified? ... Might be a bit confusing to anyone who doesn't assume that.
[5:47 PM] <photomatt> I'm going to have to leave at three again today, so let me go quickly through a couple of the list items
[5:48 PM] <photomatt> codex server stability - there were hardware problems this last week, they should be fixed
[5:48 PM] <photomatt> codex is also going to be moving off apache to lighttpd soon, which should speed things up
[5:48 PM] <photomatt> the new logo is coming out the new WP.org design, which is on hold right now
[5:49 PM] <relle> When?
[5:49 PM] <photomatt> as I'm focusing more on functionality rather than the design, since the design works now but the functionality doesn't :)
[5:49 PM] <photomatt> we may do a fundraising campaign in the future, but there are no pressing costs for the project right now that can't be covered
[5:49 PM] <photomatt> we're going to be getting more servers from textdrive soon, too
[5:50 PM] <photomatt> or at least a better balance
[5:50 PM] <relle> Need 3 months MINIMUM to plan such a thing...just think about it.
[5:50 PM] <photomatt> volunteers / help wanted is going to be covered by the wishlist thing we talked about last week, hopefully
[5:50 PM] <SuperLag> photomatt: is Apache not getting the job done?
[5:51 PM] <photomatt> relle: true, we're not rushing anything. also it's going to be evolutionary, like the new logo
[5:51 PM] <relle> k
[5:51 PM] <photomatt> not a complete and total 180 degree change
[5:51 PM] <photomatt> except instead of blue everything will be pink :)
[5:51 PM] <relle> ARGHGHGHG!
[5:51 PM] <mdawaffe> haha
[5:51 PM] <mdawaffe> photomatt: relle: Podz: http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Matt/wp_forums_todo
[5:51 PM] <photomatt> also the new photomatt.net design will be in pink, but that's unrelated
[5:52 PM] <mdawaffe> (linked from http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Matt )
[5:52 PM] <relle> Go for it, honey!
[5:52 PM] <Podz> looks fine here - ta
[5:52 PM] <photomatt> new front page for the codex?
[5:52 PM] <relle> http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Lorelle#Codex_TOC_New_Look
[5:52 PM] <relle> Was hoping to have it up by now but Carthik has gone missing.
[5:53 PM] <photomatt> what's the holdup?
[5:53 PM] <relle> a decision.
[5:53 PM] <relle> permission.
[5:53 PM] <relle> chain of command.
[5:53 PM] <relle> say when photomatt and it's done.
[5:54 PM] <photomatt> I think the page looks great
[5:54 PM] <photomatt> and I like the featured article idea
[5:54 PM] <mdawaffe> (sounds like "when" to me)
[5:54 PM] <relle> Going once....
[5:54 PM] <photomatt> let's flip the switch and start getting feedback on it, I think it's all going to be very positive
[5:54 PM] <relle> Sold.
[5:54 PM] <skippy> woah
[5:54 PM] <skippy> hang on
[5:54 PM] <relle> I think that was a "when".
[5:54 PM] <skippy> feedback:
[5:55 PM] <skippy> the "featured article" isn't very _featured- when it's buried past two full scrolls for me.
[5:55 PM] <relle> It's been almost two weeks, skippy.
[5:55 PM] <skippy> other than that, I lov eit. =)
[5:55 PM] <relle> Not supposed to be.
[5:55 PM] <Tom39|work> Why is the
[5:55 PM] <relle> Info first, toys second.
[5:55 PM] <Tom39|work> ""WordPress Basics" page linked to by a »?
[5:55 PM] <photomatt> I think for version 2.0 we should make the featured article more prominent, BUT let's get this more valuable organization in the hands of users sooner rather than later
[5:56 PM] <skippy> maybe the featured article could be the seperator between info and toys?
[5:56 PM] <relle> Tom39: the first link in the column links to it.
[5:56 PM] <skippy> say, between Troubleshooting and Dev docs?
[5:56 PM] <relle> Clean look.
[5:56 PM] <relle> Details.
[5:56 PM] <relle> Decision made for now.
[5:56 PM] <photomatt> I think someone should do a before/after screenshot and talk about it
[5:56 PM] <relle> Okay.
[5:56 PM] <photomatt> I'll link whoever blogs that :)
[5:57 PM] <relle> I'll do it.
[5:57 PM] <relle> I spent months working on it.
[5:57 PM] <photomatt> perfect then
[5:57 PM] * mdawaffe shouts referers off the starboard bow!
[5:58 PM] <photomatt> I have to head out right about now, any last-minute emergency items?
[5:58 PM] <relle> Yikes, didn't think about that.
[5:58 PM] <relle> Next time we move development issues to the top of the agenda.
[5:58 PM] <photomatt> sounds good
[5:58 PM] <relle> And warn us so we don't babble on, wasting time.
[5:59 PM] =-= skippy is now known as skippy|away
[5:59 PM] <photomatt> relle: sorry, I thought the meeting was at 3:30
[6:00 PM] <relle> Talk about not reading the codex!
[6:00 PM] <relle> Oh, your meeting.
[6:00 PM] <relle> Sorry. Wrong time zone.
[6:00 PM] <photomatt> in my shared calendar I'll extend this meeting to last until 3:30 so people don't schedule me for things at 3
[6:00 PM] <relle> ;-)
[6:00 PM] <relle> Anything else, folks?
[6:00 PM] <photomatt> clang
[6:00 PM] <photomatt> meeting ajourned
[6:01 PM] <relle> Codex Cleanup scheduled June 18-26 - SIGN UP
[6:01 PM] <photomatt> I'll be around #wordpress later and on AIM if anyone needs anything
[6:01 PM] <mdawaffe> Podz: was there anything you needed to know about tags? I can fill you in now that photomatt's finally gone ;)
[6:01 PM] <Podz> I'm fine thanks :)
[6:01 PM] <mdawaffe> cool
[6:03 PM] |<-- mdawaffe has left freenode ("also meeting")
[6:05 PM] -->| shep (shep@ has joined #wordpress-meetup
[6:07 PM] <--| mikelittle has left #wordpress-meetup
[6:08 PM] <shep> anything still being discussed?
[6:09 PM] <Podz> no - matt had to leave
[6:11 PM] <shep> oh
[6:11 PM] <shep> ok

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