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IRC Meetups/2005/May/May11Transcript

Summary of the May 11th, 2005 IRC-meetup, at #wordpress-meetup on irc.freenode.net http://codex.wordpress.org/IRC_Meetups is the page that describes IRC meetups, the agenda, and the discussions. You can add to the agenda for subsequent chat-meetups if you so desire

Reporter's Note: I've hopefully done a good job of capturing the essence of the various tops discussed through the highlights' that I've taken. I have edited for spelling and to combine thoughts by the same author for legibility. (jonabad)

Updates from Last Week

Photomatt reminded us that 1.5.1 was released and the crowd said "yay". No updates to the new logo design but color is on the horizon. The WP.Com domain is way out of our price range but the Wordpress.com domain is being transferred.

Even though Photomatt tried to explain that the logo was deep into its design process and pretty much set, the group would have none of that!

The New Logo Part Deux

  • The new W was dubbed "the bulb" and is referred to as such throughout the rest of the conversation.
    • skippy "may I ask why the W has a "bulb" on the right end in the logo? It looks ... odd."
    • Firas "yeah, if opinions are counted, the bulb seems out of place"
    • masquerade "I don't necessarily "like" the bulb, but I think if it was removed it would look a little plain"
    • ryanduff|laptop "it needs something, just not a bulb"
    • Blackb|rd "as for the bulby W: it may become the "Wordpress W" which in turn makes it easy to have really tiny logos signifying WP stuff."
  • factoryjoe "have you thought about the license on the font at all?"
    • photomatt "we could certainly distribute vectors of the logo without sending out the whole font"
  • photomatt "speaking of shirts"
    • photomatt "we got an email a few days ago from http://www.spreadshirt.com/ they want to promote themselves to bloggers"
    • photomatt "Opera uses spreadshirt for their US and EU stores"
    • westi "from my experiences in doing t-shirts (I organised halls t-shirts at uni two years running) there pricing is reasonable too"
    • photomatt "I'm going to see if we can get a sample from them, if the quality looks good perhaps we can give them a spot on the forums for a month in exchange for a deal on shirts"
  • carthik "what will be usage restrictions on the logo/brand be?"
    • Firas "Is WP going to be trademarked?"
    • photomatt "WordPress is being trademarked, yes. it needs to be for protection, as wordpress.com showed us
    • factoryjoe "i started a conversation w/ the creative commons guys about doing to trademark what they've done for copyright"
    • photomatt "don't use "wordpress" in your domain or site name, everything else is fair"
    • factoryjoe "that's the problem... you can't just say that. the law doesn't allow you to if you're going to "protect it""
    • photomatt "I know"
    • factoryjoe "hence we need an alternative. in any case, this is real issue to consider sooner than later as you move fwd w/ trademark. roping the CC guys in now would be smart I think"

Coordination of Codex activities

  • relle "The Codex is really tightening up and I'd like to see some responsiblity assigned to volunteers to coordinate efforts."
    • relle "After the name of the admin, I'd like to see areas of responsibility."
    • twistedraisin "what do you need the volunteers to do?"
    • relle ""So if someone comes in and is a plugin expert, I would know to send them to X who is in charge of plugin information on the codex. If someone wants to help with Lessons, they would know that this is my baby."
    • relle "A lot of people come in and say I want to help, I'm good at X and then they are ignored."
    • photomatt "I don't know if the docs team is big enough for that"
    • relle "Why not?"
    • skippy "at a high-level, I think it would work."
    • Semiologic "relle: i think a better approach would be to simply making it more obvious who is maintaining the codex"
    • relle "Already people like macmanx handle themes and plugins - so why not say so on the list."
    • photomatt "this list? http://codex.wordpress.org/Special:Listadmins"
    • photomatt "that page isn't editable"
    • carthik "I think the way it works now is fine: we have a few SysOps admins, clearly listed, and I just edited the few pages introducing the Codex to new volunteers that those are the people to contact in case of confusion, as also sending a mail to the wp-docs list."
    • relle "The new http://codex.wordpress.org/Codex:Tasks Task List Carthik and I put together is ready and waiting for people to sign up and get involved and I'd like to see people help direct the efforts."
    • twistedraisin "I don't mind volunteering, I just haven't been sure where my effort is needed as of yet."
    • relle "twistedraisin, that's a great example of what I'm getting at."
    • relle "If people know that Lorelle is in charge of Lessons - then they could leave a message on my user page and I could direct their energies."
    • photomatt "maybe if the http://codex.wordpress.org/Codex:Contributing page could have a better call to action"
  • masquerade "While on the wiki, why not set it as a redirect to the codex?"
    • MCincubus "There is some really old 1.2 stuff on wiki that could actually be doing harm."
    • photomatt "on wiki.wordpress.org?"
    • MCincubus nods
    • photomatt "ideally the relevant articles should redirect to the new wiki"
    • photomatt "relle: perhaps the task for the next few weeks could be transitioning the old wiki more finally"
    • photomatt "relle: would you like to be the person who assigns incoming victims volunteers to the codex?"
    • relle "I'll think about it"

1.5.2 Release

  • Firas "Timeline for an RSS Patch/1.5.2 (jonabad)"
    • twistedraisin "Ryan was nailing down patch stuff for RSS today, I think. Matt had mentioned a few other things worth taking care of before the next dot release went out"
    • photomatt "the plan is to get the confirmed patches in the source ASAP"
    • MCincubus "Also, Any other things that should be fit into 1.5.2 release? --MCincubus"
    • photomatt "MCincubus: I'd say no, I think getting the fixes out sooner is more important"

Professional Support

  • Unfinished

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